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Yes Baz made a movie about it, but some of us live and work ere. Just dont try and get funding.

groundhog day in paradise

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1. Breakfast + Google Reader, unless its this morning and gas was out so went to cafe earlier than normal to get first caffeine fix to function.

2. Cafe, Papers, Caffeine, Work Emails.

3. Work.

Sometimes in the work day it’s hard to tell the borgs from the worker bees - Interesting debate on networked insights about (wo)myn vs machine in Social Intelligence.

It’s all about No’Mo’MJ + Real Time Hashtags via Shareaholic Buzz Monitor new features.

Definite low care factor on Twittorati - It’s a pity Technorati have no idea on executing either a back to core or healthy diversification strategy via Techcrunch.

Agreed with Gigaom that Apples needs to refocus on Apple TV : How about letting it play .mkv, xvid etc that arent from Itunes etc And throwin the ability to web browse. Oh OK thats the Mac-Mini minus some UI tweaks + $700.

But a Google Open Source Google Chrome meets Android on a Sony Vaio Netbook for $499 I like the idea of - coz I’m never getting a windows virus again, but an alternative to OSX - I like that.

Sometimes I think I’d rather work in Estonia along with Dezeen.

4. Treadmill or Beach Run Depending on Season/Light Currently this is my view for  1hr-65minutes over 8.5-9+kms

5. Google Reader, 3AW Sports, Landline, Torrents, Google Reader.

The System Predicts 1-Point Winner: The Rock Dogs AKA Satans RocknRoll Demons get up, now2 Diversify the Game Theory

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I may have blogged late last week that my day job is supercharging Google Reader as an Enterprise Social Media (Almost) Real Time Brand Tracking, Fair Use UGC Content Syndicating, Hands-On Conversational Marketing Freemium Tool, but The appeared Flippant post about The System, has gained far more interest. And as predicted The System predicted The Winner. Rock Dogs AKA Satans RocknRoll Demons won by One Point !

Source : Rosewal on Flickr with a gr8 set of Community Cup pix. Click thru to view.

Now The Community Cup one year on at Junction Oval, one year off, held at Elsternwick Park yesterday, may have required once Caulfield Grammarian + Point Leo surfer Rupert Betheras to add some zing to the Rockdawgs midfield, and get across the line by the smallest of margins.

Community Cup Winner Predicted by The System

But The System already knew this, just as it did that Optus would charge for iPhone 3GS tethering + Daniel Faraday was assured his #Lost mother would kill him in a time shifted determinist inevitability. BTW: I’m grokkin the potentially juicy telemovie in the Rene Rivkin/Gordon Wood/Caroline Byrne 3way murder/coverup/almost got away with it elevator pitch / green lit / in development picture. However : The System had to rebooted from the past after learning that The Wire has only just been picked up by Channel 9 for showing of the Last Season - S5, on the network. That’s some corrupt data aiiight.

Community Cup Tweets

Reboots n’all, with The System up and running, I’m thinking of diversifying the Game Theory into other arenas; Maybe Commodore 64 vs iPhone 3GS ? Or possibly the ending of films… Watching a good quality cam version last night, of the heavily estrogen targeted counterpart of testosterone The Hangover’s cinemaplexes’romcom’friendly’ flick The Proposal, SPOILERS AHEAD : twasn’t hard to pick the sequence of boy gets told by grrl; who then gets untold; then boy gets grrl - all expectedly ends happily after 99 minutes apart from for the Immigration Officer.

Kitsune X Pierre Hardy

Even with The System, u will still probably have to interact with people to some degree. It’s not Perfect, yet! And u may as well look good if ur working The System. Say u krazily have to be at a meeting in The City by 9am on a Monday… or any weekday.. Try Gucci. Or Armani or the bit more street; John Richmond. Maybe Balmain. Possibly Burberry will do it for you. Me I just need my Supra TK Society in Patent Grey to arrive any moment/day now. Just like these, Please Mr.Postman !

Source for this + below from da'awesome The Bad Seed, Melbourne Graffiti Pool Flickr.

Now I don’t want The System to end up in the wrong hands; Burton’s Alice in Wonderland looks beautiful but could be a scary place. Ditto True Blood episode 2 tonite! Tho imagine all the good it could do if harnessed.. As Umair says in his latest post in Harvard Business Review;

“… Here’s what you’re up against: the new economics of organization.

You command and control. The opposition self-organizes.

Your advantage is force. The opposition’s is resilience.

You had a strategy - to maintain power. The opposition has a purpose - to change the world.

You divide and conquer. The opposition links and unifies.

You wield thin power - violence. The opposition wields thick power - belief.

If one voice can change a room - then it can change the world.

What does that really mean?

There is nothing more asymmetrical than an ideal. In the right hands, an ideal is a weapon more potent than any club, gun, or bomb. It can turn a two nerdy computer science PhDs at Stanford into corporate titans. It can turn an unknown junior senator into the President of the United States.

And it can, just maybe, turn an inconsequential 140 character messaging service into a tool that helps revolutionize a state.

The opposition has many ideals: liberty, equality, justice, hope.

Where are yours? That’s the dilemma you face…”

Elwoodite Thomas Dot Org Captured the Community Cup Pom Pom Grrls Perfectly. There was definitely a high(er) VB Drinking : PomPom Action happening... but the crowd loved it!

Finding Z at the Community Cup

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The Community Cup Today at Elsternwick Park

So I’ve determined the way to get Yeezy fk off rich isn’t via the endless execution better than the next bloke or lass of the most amazing new new thing - It’s via mathematics slash econometrics, not : How about just call it good ol damn punting, Tuppence Moran SP Bookie style. Except with a System; The System. Dont Believe ? See today I’ll go to my 3rd footy match in 3 days - The Community Cup at Elsternwick Park, and The System can predict the winner.

2009 Community Cup : The Community Cup is back in town! On Sunday the 21st June, the Espy Rockdogs and the RRR/PBS Megahertz will go against each other vying for the 2009 Community Cup. It’ll cost $5 to get in, and the day is kid and dog friendly if you promise to keep it on a leash (the dog, not the kidlet). No BYO or glass allowed though. There’ll be bands from 11am - Cosmic Psychos, Kram, Doll Squad, Jordie Lane and Scared Weird Little Guys. Bounce is at 2:30pm.”

In order to properly enter the cells into the rows and columns of excel to generate the powerpoint graph going up we need X and Y. The System has cracked the X + Y needed to find Z. Ok enough crypticity : I need to go get a cawfee on way to Elwood, and U need to move onto the next item in google reader.

Let The System be unveiled; I dont believe in Customer Lock in, or charging some large fee for nothing each month. So I’ll give u the formula now. Make Your Own System. And let The Systems run off together and make little Systi’. First we need the data points and assumptions so u know I aint making this stuff up playa.

Data Points

Friday Night : Melbourne Demons Lose to Another Team Friday Night at Telstra/Colonial Dome/Stadium… dont call it Eti…..y…… h………..d

Saturday : Rye Demons Beat Hastings in a close match at Rye……

Sunday : Some Rockstars play Radio Station hipsters at Elsternwick park.. found out about via Kingsta and The Royals !

So as time passes (from Friday to Sunday) the quality of the Teams (X) gets worse while the chance of the Red and Blue winning increases. So with The System, the worse a team is the more chance they have of winning. But the other team still needs to be worse! So as long as the football teams today are worse than the teams yesterday, My Team should win.

Only problem is I dont think there are any Demon teams playing today : That’s alright we’ll improvise - Well The Rockstars should be satanic.. so lets accord them the Demons label… and they should beat the Radio Station, based on The System. OK I’m outtee… it’s a really bad System I know, still working out The Kinks.

Fabienne: Whose motorcycle is this?
Butch: It’s a chopper, baby.
Fabienne: Whose chopper is this?
Butch: It’s Zed’s.
Fabienne: Who’s Zed?
Butch: Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.

Finally Decent ISP Deal Mornington Peninsula : iPrimus ADSL_2+ Extra Big Kahuna 200Gig $139 Package

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The Tudors S3 finale (only 8 ep series) killed it, last nite, it’s always good to end with the beheading of a major treacherous character ! And Rescue Me, AKA the Dennis Leary New York 9/11 Bromance firefighters show is improving too. So, without going into painful detail of my scouring of ISP deals and consumer reviews at Whirlpool for 100+ gigage on the Mornington Peninsula - I finally have a new Internet plan that adds 100gig to the 100 gig I’ve been using and takes $170 away from the bill FTW! 200 gigage nirvana.

ADSL 2 Exchanges - Mornington Peninsula / Shoreham - It's all Telstra !

No more $300AUD+ bills ! No More Weekly Shaping when on largest available plan sizewise ! Finally for the Tier A shows + movies can download in HD .MKV/264 format, and then use a WD TV Media player to HD LCD Sony Bravia it :) So I thought I’d dump my learnings’ere for google to index + share with future “heavy internet users” on the Mornington Peninsula.

Basically unless u got the Telstra Business Broadband Access Unlimited for Small Business : a great deal for $310 per month / 12 month contract (whirlpool ere) - all the packages down ere were/are around the 55g-60g for $130-$150 (eg Internode ADSL 2Plus 55gig ADSL2+= $130 per month) : And then the kicker - it was $4+ per gig (what i was paying with iprimus) for each extra gig of which I used 40-50 gig a month extra.

Now I was going to switch to internode (which use Telstra wholesale) as topups were $1.50 per gig vs Telstra Bigpond which charge $150 per gig and dont have topups amazing. Seeya Sol. I guess (your) history does repeat. U r a scorned earth kinda dude, but u do always get yer money eh;) Why when 200 gig internet packages are the standard in the US.. and there are enough now offered in inner cities.. it’s been very very annoying not to have a normal internet package ere.

Well I do now, ironically with iprimus via their iprimus 2+ extra package - which is 200 gig for $139 (if u have their phone, $149 without)

iPrimus ADSL 2+ Extra

Now it’s 40gig 12pm-12am / 160gig 12am - 12pm : But I’m used to that and iprimus, now I dont have to worry about downtime or “fast transfer” or churn costs / connection ones. Or buying a new faster modem which i needed + is now free.. (as there is a contract, but thats fine) Now compare it to Telstra - using same network - with the irony being Telstra has no decent customer/tech support/online tools/ability to top up/resolve customer tech issues.

Bigpond Pricing

Primus have always stayed on the line 247 to get interwebs working. And when I’ve used account up, I can click a few times and topup/get speed working again. With Telstra, on some accounts they shape u, and u r stuffed for rest of month. Or they charge u $150 per gig when u use more gigage, which is impossible not to on fast speeds. (not to mention their online usage tool is busted - which means u dont actually know how much interwebz u have used… then they try and charge u thousands… anyway true but i digress, caveat emptor re Bigpond.. that and NextG are good products/networks.. but their consumer pricing well ripoff, as below evidence, do u want to spend $140/$150 with Primus or Telstra (not to mention u can get the 200 gig product inner city, but not on Telstra backend for $80-$90!) Even 200 gig with Internode ADSL 2PLUS with their Telstra Wholesale product would have been well over double the iPrimus price down’ere : 55 gig = $130 + (145 gig * 1.5 per gig) = $347.50

Internode ADSL_2PLUS Pricing

But I’m under 1km to Telstra ADSL 2+ exchange so they r the network I want to be with, as every hundred metres away from the exchange u r the slower the megabits to your interwebz. So tells me:)

Now I know from data experience and my guess as a product person, these “Big Kahuna” plans are developed on the assumption that only a very small percentage actually use the data. Well I will be part of that percentage. And the bonus, it’s from Telstra, who are actually fast (but have awful service, tech support and pricing) Where primus tech support has always been available 247. Its the devil you know. It’s no internode. But fact is down’ere and in city, Internode gigage is $1.50 roughly… So I’ll take my 75c a gig with primus, using same Telstra backend.

It’s just new - but if u r on Mornington Peninsula - and this comes from someone totally independent who has researched every offer - it’s the  best one around (the Telstra Unlimited for $310+ is next best one but its more than twice the price, but also totally unlimited..)

Telstra Business Broadband Access Unlimited $310 per month

Check Whirlpool thread on iPrimus ADSL 2+ Extra. Oh, and make sure u get yer free internet modem, and half price first month… contracts may suck.. but I had budgeted the cost of a new modem and new connection fee to internode. So in aggregate I actually saved $250 modem / $120 half monthly bill on internode / $39 connection fee = $409 !

All good.. Hoping u the best of luck.. I will update when I receive courier'd modem, then I ring up Primus, connect and my new package starts... Click for what google is saying about IPrimus ADSL 2+ Extra ;)

Australia #Lost in #FutureSummit vs Cannes’ #AntiChrist + Worthington’s #Terminator

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So Aussie influentials are Faux-Davos’ing at low income earners gambling mecca that helps the government’s rivers of taxation gold Crown Casino, for the tweet defined ‘end of the world‘ orientated #futuresummit.

Here r just the tweets with links so u can avoid the solely non-referenced sentimental.

Who knew so much earnesty, sentimentality + sucky salesmenship could be zipped up into 140 chars. BTW, I liked the #Lost finale tho once I finally got round to watchin after a vpleasant weekend even if it included a “valiant” 7 points Dees loss + my first/worst cold in quite a few years.

Read Dunc on Day 1 to avoid the noise + c that u r missin nuthin new altho the topics r broadened beyond the usual bloggers vs journos.Without cheap fast broadband there is no hope - I agree.

Now every1 with a freemium UGC micro-blogging account can have an opinion on how Australia cultivates competitive advantage in climate change, nuclear reactors, mining stuff from the ground + the good ol 1’s + 0’s of knowledge economy.

Day 2 powwows kicked off with the necessary quotient of sessions on Aboriginal character, back channel bout slavery, the green economy, Matthew Johns linkage to education, now that’s a segueway.

Hollywood Reporter interviewing Tarantino on Inglourious Basterds : ".. It's a no-fucking-around kind of pacing. That doesn't mean it's a big action movie. It just means there's a good, steady pacing. I don't luxuriate in every scene. But it's got the mix of dialogue with the action. It's probably the closest thing I've ever done to "Pulp Fiction.".. In the last 20 years, we've seen a lot of movies that show war from the anti-war, misery perspective. And I don't mean to say I'm pro-war, because I'm not. But in the '40s and '50s people made movies that were thrilling and exciting. War movies don't always have to show things from the perspective of the victim. And it's also not really about war. I treat World War II similar to how E.L. Doctorow treated "Ragtime." I'm taking a historical time and putting in my own ideas and characters.. I just don't have a clue what I'm going to do next. After I finish a movie, it's good to have a year of my life back, so I wait and see what rises up or if something new comes along. When I started writing this, it was the only mountain I could see. And I had to get over that mountain to see all the other mountains."

Like our $43B info2.0way - it’s all 2020 stuff - from the self described top 5% income earning, low twittering white males from the creative + business established class.

T4 : "The year is 2018, and mankind is being snuffed out by the malevolent machines of SkyNet. The man who is destined to lead the human resistance, John Connor (Bale), is now an adult but is struggling with his legacy and the suspicions of Advertisement his ragged compatriots. He also is staggered when he meets Marcus Wright (Worthington), whose last memory is of being a death row prisoner before the apocalyptic attacks of SkyNet. Wright turns out to be a SkyNet-created cyborg model but one that does not match the prophecies that have guided Connor his entire life. The distrusting pair set off on a quest to find answers, and the path leads to Dr. Serena Kogen (Helena Bonham Carter) and an ending that "will shock everyone," McG promises."

I’m waiting for Terminator 4 Judegement Day. It’s too late for Australia, and to rub things in John Connor may have been wrong. Luckily Sam Worthington may save us from becoming fodder for David Williamson’s next won’t be shown in Sydney play. Or a Boner Party transnational comparison piece; “Italian babes are fucking light years ahead of your average American Mall Babes its ridiculous. she’s probably 50 years ahead of our time.”

Lars Von Trier Breakdown or Genius #Anti Christ @ Cannes via NYMag : "After knocking him unconscious, Gainsbourg bores a hole in Dafoe's leg with a hand drill and bolts him to a grindstone to keep him from escaping. Then, she smashes his scrotum with some sort of blunt object (the moment of impact happens slightly below the frame). We don't actually see his testicles become disengaged from this body, though it's apparently implied. Next, she brings him to a climax with her hands and he ejaculates blood (yes, it's shown). But that's not all! Later, in an extreme closeup — lensed by Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle! — Gainsbourg cuts off her own clitoris with a pair of scissors."

Australia has #futuresummit. Cannes has (Vincent Gallo/Coppola) #Tetro (Playlist wrapup off reviews for Von Trier’s Art Fart) #AntiChrist + #inglouriousbasterds. It’s a barrierless glocal world we aren’t or won’t cut it in, unless we do a Worthington + become Mad Max 4 cyborgs in the Hollywood Hills. As Obama said this week : “We’re fine, everybody. We’re following Brennans adage that we dont do things easily. We’re not going to shy away from things that are uncomfortable sometimes.

PartyDown that classic show on Starz or BT hehe interview on with their writer : "For Enbom, who ran the show day to day and wrote most of the episodes, "it was a matter of me going into a small, windowless cubicle in the Starz building and banging them out over a few months. I had to remind myself, 'It's not only a comedy, but a premium cable comedy, and you have to stop self-censoring yourself, and take all your impulses and just run with them.' Once I got the hang of it, it was kind of great, but it was amazing how long it took to shake off those mental blocks.""

$900 in yer bank + $43B for yer interwebz. How much 4 the little grrl.

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[to man in restaurant]
Jake: [fakes accent] How much for the little girl? How much for the women?
Father: What?
Jake: Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters… sell them to me. Sell me your children.

So the watch search is over - TW STEEL CEO COLLECTION CE1034 : The above watch on left will replace my other watch which stopped over summer.. which I will get repaired.. but want a bigger watch like one above 50mm watch diameter. For under $800AUD @ 413 euros - it’s time to start saving/forward planning etc. And heck what’s $800 when u wake up and the government has gone Ken Bruce completely mad. If they cant get an internet filter right, imagine what happens when they try and spend $43B building a network then privatising it. Read government release from Non-Fake Conroy’s text release.

Curtis: Boys, you got to learn not to talk to nuns that way.

Bulletpoints from IT News

“.. The Australian Government will build its own $43 billion National Broadband Network, in a move that returns Australia’s telecommunications economy to an era of part-public, part-private ownership.

- A new public/private enterprise will build a 100mbps fibre to the home (FTTH) network that reaches 90 per cent of the population.

- The remaining ten per cent of the population will continue to be served by wireless and satellite technologies at speeds of up to 12 Mbps.

- The new public/private enterprise will be 51 per cent Government-owned and initially funded by the $4.7 billion Building Australia Fund, the remainder funded by the release of Aussie Infrastructure Bonds (shares).

- Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the plan represented the “single largest infrastructure decision in Australia’s history” - up there with post-war nation building of the Snowy Mountains scheme.

- He expects the building of the NBN to create 25,000 jobs a year, with 37,000 jobs at its peak, and contribute an extra 0.25 per cent to Australia’s GDP.

- The network will begin rolling out in Tasmania as early as July 2009, with the mainland network build starting in 2010…”

[Jake Blues is released on parole and gets back all the things he wore when he was arrested]
Corrections Officer: One Timex digital watch, broken. One unused prophylactic.
[looks disgusted, picks something up with his pen]
Corrections Officer: One soiled. One black suit jacket, one pair black suit pants. One hat
[punches it back out to full]
Corrections Officer: black. One pair of sunglasses. $23.07. Sign here.

Awesome that In Treatment on HBO Series 2 is back on. I still have 37 of the 43 eps of S1 to go ! Gabrirel Byrne is so good!

Dont get me wrong, the sector needs $43B, but just as retailers are having LCD TV’s “stimulus” sales to capture the $900 which the government is depositing into the middle classes - action today would be better than a plan to build something in the future. For example I need to shift internet providers today, and Im sure it will be a mess as armed with knowledge from as I am.

It’s not like it’s easy to switch internet providers, and get real competition. Your computer is connected into the telephone lines and in the sky… so why cant there be realtime auctions for internet space.. where like an energy trading market.. I could buy and sell bandwith of other individuals and businesses in the marketplace. Maybe u have 100 gig u r willing to sell for 50c a gig… and given Im paying $2 a gig for the first 60 and then $4 per gig after that, 50c a gig sounds great.

[Elwood Blues Jake Blues has a fight over the police car Elwood Blues got after he traded away the original bluesmobile for a microphone]
Elwood: You don’t like it?
Jake: No I don’t like it…
[Elwood Blues floors the pedal and jumps over an open drawbridge]
Jake: Car’s got a lot of pickup.
Elwood: It’s got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?
[a brief thinking pause while Jake attempts to light a cigarette]
Jake: Fix the cigarette lighter.

Now Damages and Skins Series 2' have finished, BReaking Bad S2 is probably the best TV on at moment!> Walt is going to the edge...

What happens at the moment in the internet in Australia is the opposite, and spending $43B probably wont change that as parties aim to get ROI on $43B. Some of the mega annoying anti-competitive facets locally :

- Providers like Telstra etc want to bundle everything up.. and will discount… first 6 months half the cost blah blah.. 200 gigs for $80 for 1-2 years.. $310 a month unlimited with 12 month minimum… Pay $200 installation cost + buy a modem/router if u want to go month2month or pay nothing and we’ll give u a modem with no setup costs… just sign up for 2 years… etc etc So people to start with get locked in to ripoff contracts.. and no matter how bad the speed, dropouts, customer service, downtime.. shifting is not even contractually possible.

- When moving into a new place everyone has waited their 1 month to get connected because its someone elses problem in connecting the house to interwebz.. U need a phone line pretty much and then Telstra dont like phone used by other ISPs etc Telstra then outsource installation and cabling.. and now there is naked ADSL2+ if u r inner city.. anyway its so complex and reality is u cant get yer house connected quickly.

- If u have an existing connected household they have a thing called “Rapid Transfer” - that is what Ill be finding out about ere. If they could build on Rapid Transfer to allow a more dynamic auction model and allow pay per use / prepaid like contracts via rapid transfer.. u could actually create a gigage internet adsl2+ marketplace.. Anyway I digress

- Once u r connected, the bandwith sized plans were developed by a business analyst a decade ago and happily kept by management teams wanting monopoly/oligopoly margins.. I’ve gone on enough about this on twitter.. as down Peninsula 60 gig is biggest account u can get ere.. at least in city u can get 200gig for $80 plans from Primus, TPG, etc.. however back to point above - ridiculous long term contracts.. and then they throttle certain traffic eg p2p and keep moving definitions of peak/offpeak (which btw is so evil and should be its own bulletpoint) eg Im on largest internet account with primus here and i get 20 gig between midday and midnight spread over 1 month. It lasted 6 days most recently. Then internet costs $4 per gig. With Telstra who at least dont have peak/offpeak its 15c a meg over the 60gig limit. Thats $150 a gig. That is criminal.

I could go on and on.. but basically government should be focused on making joining contracts in the consumer’s favour.. at moment they arent with 12-24 month contracts being the norm.. Then they should look at reasonable excess fees : $150 a gig um amazes me… and just as the telco ombudsman is getting a truckload of calls when people get $3K bills for basically barely using the internet.. the telcos need to be bigtime policed and enforced for speed, downtime, etc

What do Internode Think

Anyway twitter for nbn is goin crazy : As I’m prob shifting to shortest term Internode contract (and then maybe shifting when i get some $$$ to an all i can eat Telstra Busines Broadband at $310 for unlimited gigage : in a few months) I’ll leave my post to get some coffee with what Simon Hackett of Internode said on Whirlpool after hearing KEvin Rudd’s speech. The positive uptake of his :

If they take industry advice and build the new network ‘outside in’ – fixing blackspots first, installing where ADSL2+ is already running strongly last, then everyone wins, because people with no broadband get it, while people who already have broadband can use that ADSL2+ competitive landscape in the meantime, and people who have invested in that landscape can recover that investment before the new network renders it obselete. But even then (like dialup) – the old stuff will stay around for ages too – and noone loses… (!)  I’m gobsmacked. If they do what they promise, they’ve actually got it right, and we might just turn into a broadband front-runner country ten years from now… after all. It’ll be interesting to read the fine print – and there will be a lot of it.

Mahalo Not to the Non-Fake Stephen Conroy

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Beach was all Gold, Grey and Silver tonite; Surf, Sand + Sky.

I was annoyed when the government without research or collaboration arbitrarily used their post election honeymoon period and increased the price of smirnoff mixers from the already expensive $19.99 to the unaffordable ridiculous $29.99 a sixpack/$100+ slab. That they posthaste found that teenagers just got drunk on stronger spirits and thus retracted the law doesn’t make it right. And their broadband/chinesesque filter position is no different.

The government, which used their progressive position on technology and building a better broadband as a key plank in getting elected, has radically underestimated both the technical unfeasibility of the filter they want - which goes well beyond a child porn ban which parents optin to (as Duncan Riley argues), and secondly the degree of opposition by Gen X and Gen Y (which like all technology will filter into other segments once they realise what it really means - slower, more expensive internet with many everyday sites being banned and the consumer treated as if they r a white collar slave at Company X who controls what software is installed, reads yer email and designates what sites u can visit).

So it’s good to see one of Rupert’s papers of notes, by Henry Ergas in The Australian, suggesting the government may have this internet thing wrong : “The Coalition merely wasted time and money. This Government seems determined to wreck the network we have. Stephen Conroy is poised to try what no country has seriously contemplated: undertaking a complete revamp of the incumbent’s network against the incumbent’s active opposition. This involves huge costs and risks for users, especially in country areas, for Telstra’s shareholders, and for taxpayers, who will bear the project’s inevitable and mounting losses. If the Government doesn’t like Telstra, so be it. But if it wants to level the Telstra house to the ground while building a house of its own on remnants, then the honest course of action would be to buy back Telstra. Anything else breaks faith with millions of Telstra shareholders, endangers service quality and places an unconscionable burden on taxpayers. The NBN is only the largest of the Government’s ill-conceived ventures. Rather than pursuing genuine regulatory reform, which would remove disincentives to invest in infrastructure, the Government’s Building Australia Fund is allocating billions of dollars to projects that would likely fail any serious cost-benefit analysis.”

Often I wonder if I’m in the right country, and whether I should put my bits and bytes to work somewhere else, but the Mornington Peninsula is a good place to live. If the government’s inept strategy gets implemented as they see it now I’m out. Either I take my hardware and leave, or I go off the virtual grid and buy my internet encrypted VPN space by the Estonians, Russians or other such digital Switzerland space.

TorrentFreak : “Timed to coincide with the introduction of IPRED on April 1st 2009, a brand new service designed to neutralize the effects of the law will be launched. Dubbed ‘IPREDATOR’, this brand new anonymity service from The Pirate Bay promises to make subscribers “more anonymous” than when using traditional VPN services.” (”Many file-sharers already pay a few dollars each month for a VPN service. This type of facility allows the user to protect his Internet connection with encryption while “tunneling’ data in privacy through the servers of a VPN provider, usually located in another country. The user’s ISP-designated IP address remains hidden, revealing only a second IP address provided by his VPN company. This type of service hinders outsiders from finding the identity of an individual behind an IP address, while helping Internet users effectively side-step laws which may prove inconvenient or unpalatable in their home country.”)

Having seen The Reader, altho I prefer Kate Winslet over the non-fake Stephen Conroy I’ll second Duncan Riley : “STEPHEN CONROY: I believe in a civil society and a civil society does not have a wild west laissez faire culture. So this is actually a culture war as opposed to cracking down on kiddie porn Senator Conroy? Note that in context of Government policy, laissez faire is to “minimize or eliminate government intervention in most or all aspects of society.” So if this policy is the opposite of laissez faire, then it must be one of increasing Government intervention in culture. Culture is not child pornography or other illegal material, culture is (from Wikipedia) an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning. Sounds more and more like Nazi Germany, doesn’t it.”

Ironically there are models which parties like the government, Foxtel, private equity, Bigpond, ISP’s and content owners could embrace in Australia to make it work for everyone. To quote Marc Cuban :Which is exactly why, as I have said before, Jeff Bewkes, of Time Warner’s model of TV Everywhere is the EXACT RIGHT MODEL for content creators, cable networks, and video subscription providers like your local cable, telco or satellite provider.”

More details on TV Everywhere : “Time Warner chairman and CEO Jeffrey Bewkes on Monday fleshed out what he has dubbed his “TV Everywhere” initiative that would require consumers have a pay TV subscription via a cable, satellite or telecom provider to view cable TV network content online. “It’s not something that’s narrow-minded,” he said at the Deutsche Bank Media and Telecommunications Conference in Palm Beach, Fla., warning that people shouldn’t misread the initiative as a move to restrict people’s access to online content. To the contrary, “it’s very expansive,” he said. Bewkes said he wants to push more content online and allow networks to choose whether to offer it on their own Web sites, such aggregator sites as Hulu and or a combination of distribution points. TW sees it as an opportunity to provide consumers with more content online and on mobile devices, allowing them to place-shift viewing.”

To translate my interpretation by 2011 : You pay Bigpond/Internode/Iprimus/etc $120 per month instead of $60 and are able to download 150gig (i think 200gig will be the standard bundled download level vs about 20gig currently in Australia) at effective actual binding guaranteed not best hopeful actually dont keep us even vaguely to it endeavours download speed of 20mbs : Of the quota - one third (50 gig) to one-fifth (30 gig) of it can be used ala carte for a range of globally current commercial programming (BBC, HBO etc hehe i can dream) equal to 3 hours per day programming which has been the average TV consumption for many a day. You can then download legally; Watch on yer PC/TV/Ipod/Mobile. ISP’s then pay money to TV networks/content owners. I pay $200-$300 per month of which at least 2/3rds is content related. Do the maths Minister. You do not even understand the equation.*

*May I never hear Conroy talk about categorisation of content again.… in a world of machines generating trillions of internet addresses, how can a government categorised filter.. which they seem to want to run as the rating of films - whether they r PG-M-MA-R-X-Unrated : How can u expect humans to beat machines.. This isn’t Mahalo Stephen.

Summer is Over, Winter is Coming.

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Lateish yday afternoon I thought even though I hadnt had a rest day from exercise for a week, I’d go for the quick light run down the beach n back. U never know how u r really going to feel till a few kms in. U lose the mental should i or shouldnt I, excuse making thought process, and your physical fitness / how yer body is really feeling kix in.

So bout 4 kms into run yday (about when above picture taken), the clouds start getting dark, but still I’m not too worried. I’m listening to the Bushfires relief concert in Melbourne and Sydney on JJJ and taking some pix at the beach via blackberry happy to get the contrasting light.

And then it poured so fn hard I got fn soaked like I hadnt been for a long time. Gawd planned it that I was perfectly half way when I got soaked within bout a minute… then I had the lot : Squelchy sneakers, numb fingers.. my main concern was for my blackberry.Not sure why the pix doesnt show all the fn rain that was soaking me :)

Only bout 50 metres from where the downpour started was where the first Blackberry 8800 went down. Damn rockpool and top pocket, slow motion as it plopped. Never to reboot or be a successful insurance claim. Unfortunately it’s all uphill upwind back from the beach. So the lesson was not to leave a run too late and if upstairs intend it to wreak all fury, then take a rest day. The shower + speakage afterwards sure was good. So Summer is Over, Winter is Coming.

Winter in Training : TW Steel CEO, Blacksteel Super Avengers + Super Black Flat Classic Sunnies

As per my post last nite, I’m diggn the TW Steel CEO Canteen Collection PVD Line (u can see the previous model ere middle centre left) and at 53mm its a beast. Also cant get enough of the Super Sunglasses Black Flats - which i swear every celebrity wears when gigging. They really are the sunglasses brand of the music industry. And if there’s one industry that needs sunnies… Throw in the much more expensive Breitling Super Avenger Blacksteel PVD Limited Edition watch and a range of trainers from Saucony, Kanye/Luis, Air Jordan rerelease fusions and a pimpload of product from current Diesel season (their jackets are still classic and overpriced) and some Doc Martens and of course Blackbird in Seattle for the ‘edgy’ menswear like blue scarf and asymetric jumper things. Of course I had to add some Common Projects, Crooks, Audemar Piguet, even some Black Jap Sold Wingtips. OK I’m off to Rye.

So the Sunday Polyvore Winter in Training set’is’iere.

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Diesel Online Store Men's Jackets LEAST 00NCT - Autumn Winter - Diesel Jackets - Official Online Store
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Blackbird Blog
Blackbird Blog
Blackbird Blog
Blackbird Blog
Fashiontography: Prada Mesnwear Spring 2009 by Hedi Slimane
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louis vuitton x kanye west sneakers : new pics | News | BKRW - Black Rainbow Extraordinaire Magazine
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TimeZone: Basel/SIHH 2009: Pre-BASEL 2009 – TW Steel CEO Collection
TimeZone: Basel/SIHH 2009: Pre-BASEL 2009 – TW Steel CEO Collection
TimeZone: Basel/SIHH 2009: Pre-BASEL 2009 – TW Steel CEO Collection
TimeZone: Breitling => Avenger Skyland
TimeZone: Breitling => Super avenger blacksteel
TimeZone: Breitling => Super avenger blacksteel
TimeZone: Breitling => Super avenger blacksteel
TimeZone: Breitling => Super avenger blacksteel
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