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No Smoking on Facebook, #SherlockHolmes + 4 Sets of Flickr_Kicks

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Another Year Bites the Dust!

Was about to write a blog post about how I have successfully given up smoking* EXTRA BIG DISCLAIMER : Saying in a public, indexed forever by google format, that u have given up smoking is worse than The Facebook not assisted Suicide Machine, as - as soon as u say I HAVE GIVEN UP SMOKING, HOW FKN AMAZING AM I - Well, the resultant 3 LITTLE THUMBS UP LIKED U ON FACEBOOK and yer steely resolve to in fact kick the fag stix - could well make u start smoking again.

So Many Choices on Google Australia to "Quit Smoking"

So Many Choices on Google Australia to "Quit Smoking"

So wanting to not blog as a catalyst for the chain reaction of 3 as close to human passivity as u can get, one finger barely depressed, “clicks” AKA 3 PEOPLE IN LIKE WITH YOU FOR PROFESSING YOUR SUCCESSFUL DEBUNDLING OF NICOTINE from your daily routine.. most likely family and significant others.. I decided to avoid the Facebook Non-Smoking Judgement Day and work on my flickr sets.

I was just adding descriptions to my flickr set(s). Y’know, a sentence or two, describing… THE SET. As opposed to A COLLECTION; Which appears to be a FkU Super Aggregate COLLECTION of sets. So I could for example have a Collection called SNEAKERS or FOOTWEAR or in 09′parlance KICKS or maybe I’d go for something mysterious, comic, that could become a Facebook group in itself.

U gotta think bout these things, when u r not writing a blog post about successfully not smoking, the first time. Not a drag since midnite NYE when girlfriend and mother plus some crazy near retirement age Scots’ are pumping out at Full Volume the Bag Pipes, backed up by Xylophone, Maracas, and other bangable stuff..

Just as I’m glad Silent Witness has returned for its 13th Season, in which a UK Forensics Team led by Doctor Harry in a Coma (every1 in the show is either a Doctor, Professor.. or harlet murdering women…) I’m also going to use the Silent Witness Technique of merging the two parallel stories into one aggregate story, when at a point : Usually at the end of Episode One (all are 2 parters) the stories merge. So too here, the Descriptions I annotated on Flickr.. ended up being (as they werent twitter consistent capped at the length of 140 characters text message) I just kept writing crap. Not to mention I spent the last of my cumulative savings $25USD on maintaining flickrpro account: Or else they would have left me with 200 photos maximum and enough gigage to last a few days. Given they deleted my original Flickr! account.. I’ll keep it pro.. and hope I’m off their Turn up in the Middle of the Night and Take Me Away to the Digital Attic in the Dollhouse.. never to see my only copy of photos from 2004-8 given my 2 harddrives on 2 imacs died 2009.

But lets not kick this on2 a downer or I wont even get to 3 FB-likes as mentioned at commencement’ere : I was trying to not relapse from smoking given its now the 11th day of not smoking.. and having prevented or at minimum - stalled : The 3 Likes (but likely no comments) on Facebook.. which could have had me hanging of the edge.. a bit like Sherlock Holmes, which I watched last nite and really did quite enjoy after all! If not seeing at cinema, make sure u get Sherlock Holmes TS XVID- IMAGiNE version.


Set #1 : Common Projects

Number of Photos : (Only) 170

Common Projects Summer Achilles luv the black model ere

Typical Price of Item : 200 quid up to $480USD + shipping for the killa boots they have.

Interesting sole colour n material on Common Projects Summer Achilles in white

Best etailers to secure from : Revolve, Oki-Ni

Still love these they cost $472USD/$510AUD - Common Projects Training Boot Low Profile Dirty in Black: Is it worth paying more for black ? :)

If these $830AUD kicks dont make enough statement throw in the leopard and pony skin every1 will give u an opinion - guaranted prob more bad than good Diet Butcher Slim Skin High Top Special Sneaker - but that may make u want them even more

Flickr Description :I’ve been very close to buying a pair of Common Projects, but then something new, shiny and cheapier from another brand (AKA Supra or Undftd) will come along. But I’ve gotta get a pair of Common Projects in 2010. As they r classic better to buy when the previous season goes on sale.

The black nylon common projects safari boot - soft black nylon hi top upper with a simply laced vamp and matching black rubber sole

Currently I’m stalking the Common Projects Training Boot Series Black or Grey Distressed kick that are perfect : Zippered, studd’d, interesting sole, slim fitting hightop military influenced boot. Lets hope the $472USD ish they want will come down. But Common Projects lowcuts like above and mids are just as good. Their use of materials is bettered by non too.. When u see them in real life.. the Italian nappa leather is where (at least some) of your money goes. And innovation such as use of Nylon before other sneaker co’s use them. In fact Supra and others will often copy Common Projects a few seasons later. So really it’s just a case of how much to pay for what r probably best sneaker kicks out for under $500.”

1st time on sale at Revolve $331USD/$357AUD - Common Projects Training Boot Low Profile Dirty in Grey: Hate 2think Aust'RRP eg mid $600's- bargain vs Diet Butcher hehe! Which of 4 (Common Projects, Diet Butcher) boots here is best $ aside ?

Diet Butcher is one of those brands u ogle for years and save up for The Slim Skin Hi Top Special in Black 449 pounds may be nearly $1kAUD ok actually $830ish by the time it ships but heck it is amazing + gut feel they would get worn alot. Supposedly according to Mia Freedman u need to divide the number of times u wear something by its cost to get an understanding of its value.. or to understand how women think hehe (her paraphrased words!)

Set #2 : Supra Skytop II + TK Society

Number of Photos : 241 as they have been ridiculously tight in releasing pictures of the impending Skytop II model variations of which a few new ones are released in next week..

Typical Price of Item : The newest model eg Skytop II in black suede I wanna cop is $136USD + ship.. While they retail in the odd Aussie places to sell for nearer $300AUD - It means u r an idiot not to buy from overseas.

Best etailers to secure from : Revolve (limited stock but free international shipping for over $100USD orders i think), Karmaloop (20% code voucher which r everywhere works as gr8 discount if in the US or negates shipping cost which is expensive to Australia etc - however with 20% discount it means they dont get kicks the moment they r released…. so u need patience for this route) , PickYourShoes (get shoes pretty damn quick.), Factory413 (is Supras retail owned channel.. so they get product first… but watch shipping - if in US no probs : free shipping.. and u can find discount vouchers too - but international delivery is biggest ripoff ive ever seen/heard - $85 for first pair wtf !)

Flickr Description : “The New Supra Skytop II, of the non limited edition models (after 600 white/red/grey “Gradient” model went launch viral) are finally being released January 15th - The Navy/Gold on the Complex Magazine cover worn by scantily clad model are teh dopeness, but I’ll be copping like the above pictured Black Suede Skytop II’s. For a very fair $136. It’s my next sneaker watchlist acquisition - as I need some black hightops in suede too - Which will go with my awaiting arrival Triumvir Constantine Bomber/Baseball jacket in classy black and white piping. Not to mention its 43c/105+F ere so dont exactly need winter apparel ! Back to Supra, who just keep innovating and are well on the way to becoming the next Nike if they can keep rolling out as they r…

I still want the Burgundy TK Society to match my Parra jacket + Undefeated hoodie in burgundy.. but the Skytop II's have gone to top of line..,,,

Just gotta make sure they stay ahead of the European luxury game + setitup for the more affordable high volume sneakerheadkrazed American/Western/Asian markets.

The Supra TK Society Navy/Black were one TK joint Supra got tight; Perfect for blue or black jeans of course...

Just occasionally, they get their colours wrong - like the Supra TK Society which should be innovating alot with the Skytop II coming out.. instead not enough new TK Society product and what there is that’s being released is in aqua electric blue cracked leather with fluoro lime sole wtf ?

Supra Skytop II Gold_Black known as "Goldies" - While gold is over the top supposedly in person.. once they r worn in.. can look pretty fly.. for a white guy!

But that said no matter what, Supra just keep delivering killer affordable product that the Kanye West / Luis Vuitton + Lanvins are biting for their 5 - 7 x the price luxe sneaker hi-tops lines. The Skytop II + TK Society are the Air Jordans of the 2010’s / 21st Century Tens or whatevs they be dubbed.”

I like Skytop II via Supratalk Forums - Gradient version had worldwide release 600 individually numbered kicks were impossible to buy... and they didnt even have a Melbourne release *sadface*

Set #3 : Adidas Originals Kicks + Apparel

Number of Photos : 225 and will keep growing.. Star Wars about to ship.. for the @griffmiester n other Stormtroopers or Darth Vaders.

Darth Vader Adidas Originals ZX 8000 hehe

Adidas Originals StarWars Stormtroopers

Typical Price of Item : $70 for Adidas’ own kicks up to $150 for the collabs if u can get’em. Overall Adidas very affordable.

Best etailers to secure from : Size Online in UK have limited collabs of adidas..  then usual suspects.. are goodEndClothing…

Flickr Description :The sneaker market must be one of the most innovative in the world. New product comes out everyday and goes direct to consumers who dissect, like or not, and etail channels get limited edition collaborative customised product that quickly sells at premium price$ to teenagers, X + Y’s, and baby boomers alike. Adidas via Adidas Originals premium line… developed many killa kicks of their own 2009 into 2010 and their breadth of collaborative kicks was second to none.

From the madness of Jeremy Scott Conductors to the minimalistic reinterpretation of Doc Martens by Undefeated cofounder James Bond for David Beckhams’ Adi-Originals Line.

Adidas just keep serving it up. Look at teh above pictured Adidas Porter collab based on the basic $75 RRPish Adidas Nizza Hi kick. Japanese luggage brand Porter just added a zip at the back and provided a carry bag for the easy to get off kicks (may sound like nothing to a non hightop wearing but at the end of day it can be a real hassle to get them off) So Porter nailed it for Adidas, with something as simple as a zip at back. Just as Ransom also nailed it…

adidas-ransom-valley-black- very common projectsy but alot cheaper :P

And Crooked Tongues with their Superstar interchangeable tongue 3-or-more-way collab. And now George Lucas is getting in on the Adidas Originals fun with the Star Wars collaboration. Beam Me Up, Scotty, as Adidas is exploring Space in 2010.”

Adidas Originals Highrise look good

Set #4 : The Others - Visvim, Playcloths, Crooks, Uniqlo, W+H, Blackbirds

Number of Photos : 645

Wings + Horn Archive Line- Full Zip Terry Hoodie made by in Canada, pre-buy of this W+H Archive FW 2010 line from

Typical Price of Item : Could be anything… esp the Japanese…

Visvim FBT Folk UR still beautiful.. u japanese designed kick u.

Best etailers to secure from : So many brands so many outlets. Go direct to brand usually or the leading etailers - Karmaloop have most of streetwear eg Crooks, Blackbird in Seattle for highend stuff like Diet Butcher, Uniqlo, Playcloths, UnionLA ala the shoes below, 2 tone yeaaah etc.

Luv 2Tone Saddle Gibson in grey + blue Suede Saddle Shoe featuring a white brick sole + coordinating white eyelets

Flickr Description :It’s interesting to look retrospectively at teh products that have caught my eye in the last 12 months. Obvs I digg the Japanese designers ala Visvim.. if not be able to fit into the ultra small sizing hehe.. I seem to like simple clean European luxe essentials ala Lanvin or ultra affordable while high quality and unique : Uniqlo (their current J+ line with Jill Sander, into its 2nd season is awesome!)

"Navajo. Chimayo. Americana. It is through these three themes that best describes April77’s 2009-2010 Fall Winter Collection."

But u cant keep me away from throwing in Californian surfstreetwear or EastCoast winterwear : Ill take either with a quality twist - Whether it be Indian theme in the current April 77 collection which is jawdropping in parts (is it wearable tho… i think so ;) It’s also nice to look at again the original Crooks and Castles… where they did quality high impact jackets n hoods; They should take a lesson from the Canadian made Wings + Horn. Talk about quality, pity about price, small sizing and limited availability. Feel they have gone off quality and design now they are a growth story !

Now I’m really feeling the MishkaNYC crew and da Playcloths collective : With the killa heather grey wool varsity with the red piping and P logo on breast, 1977 datestamp, and excellent embroidery on back.. I just hope I can find one still around (they r pretty close to sold out from limited run that was sold online etc) in my size for 2010 Aussie Winter. It’s such a beautiful piece. (Its the thumbnail above for this set : The Others ! Guaranteed to be better than the Nicole Kidman Film) Finally I really want the 135 quid navy blue Chukkas. Or Grey Suede Vans Akats, drool double there too.”

day 3 of not giving up #whipit

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so it should be harder to stop smoking.

Red Hill Market Yday, and why not follow @redhillbrewery who were there...

newspaper articles talk about how hard it is to stop; as bad as Class A drugs, but maybe not as heinous as Sugar.

and who would wish the caffeine withdrawal migraine on anyone ?

Saw Drew Barrymore's Directorial Debut Yday after a beach run in near gailforce winds.. it was vfun bout Rollerderbies with Ellen Page and Juliette Lewis...

but suffice to say, smoking cold turkey is filed under, a slight increase in anger + nightmares, but other than frequenting the outside benches of my local wifi rich cafe - i’m saving $6-$15 a day.

it’s strange, while i have done this before - i was expecting to have to fight the upward curve of each time u quit as u get older, it gets harder, and your chance of success decreases.

i’m picking day 6 the day of excess boredom, that i start smoking again.

but that’s the reverse psychology talking.

i’m off to the cafe, not to stay but pick up paper and caffeine.

12 step theory says i cant hang around bad influences, and at the moment - a mornington peninsula lazy sunday morning cafe with large lattes, sunday papers and snappy wifi.. is my gateway into nicotine relapse.

and there is no way i’m buying patches. that is far too wak.

ok resume yer new year break. and here’s hoping u dont have to start 2010 2morro. Grab Whip It ere - alotta rollerderby Drew Barrymore’s first directorial effort

Australia Needs More Balibo + Less Balibos

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So the mega vs microblogging cannibalisation or expansion of the pie debate I riffed on last post, has a similar parable in other (long vs short form) media and entertainment;  I have to confess that since I started reading/working around blogs/social networks/status updates : I read far less books per year. In fact I read so many less - I couldn’t even put a percentage on it, because it would be akin to reading 95% less books since blogs.

My mind has (almost) wrongly convinced me my only chance for reading books again properly is to get an Amazon Kindle, or even more likely the Apple Tablet when it eventually comes out - as I’m sure it will now that Amazon + netbooks have established the 7 to 10 inch cheaper than laptop, more than a smartphone market. Anyway I digress - I read less books.

But this post is not about reading less books because of blogs, or writing less blog posts because of twitter or tweetie.

It’s about what a kickass film Balibo is ! About the 5 very young Aussie Journalists that were executed then the Gough Whitlam government did nothing, that I saw late last night, and also along with Samson & Delilah swept the Aussie film awards; The AFI’s.

When u get a bit of taste for quality torrents; Certain behaviour ends up evolving - Instead of chasing directors, you (well speaking of myself) I’ve ended up (rather than walking up to the dvd store as i used to as a uni student) chasing via news alerts, film blogs, imdb databases, etc where I cross tabulate latest uploaded files on internet with reviews of new releases by quality cable/studio/showrunners around the English speaking world;

- AMC has #MadMen and #BreakingBad.

- HBO is trying to find it’s post Sopranos way with shows like brilliant #InTreatment pretty good #BigLove and finding its way #Hung #EastBoundAndDown type of edgy shows.

- Showtime #NurseJackie #Dexter.

- TNT #WhiteCollar #Burnrate #Leverage

- Syfy #Sanctuary #Warehouse13 #Alice

- FX #SonsOfAnarchy #Fringe #Damages

- Starz have amazing #PartyDown #Headcase and over in UK…

- BBC #Spooks #Torchwood #Silentwitness #BeingHuman #Paradox

- E4 #Skins #Misfits

I could keep listing them: But there is some substantial quality here. And it’s always changing…

In terms of the length of the programming : There are no ads.. The shows unless half hour eps which last 22minutes (like current funny comedies #ModernFamily #CougarTown #Community most of which run on ABC TV in the US aside from NBC #Community) go for 42 minutes if from a free to air channel (18 mins of ads not included) or 50 to 59 minutes when there are no ads..

Now films arent as easy online - As like with TV it’s illegal to distribute on the internet. And as first release films dont go out to millions of people with Tivo/IQs/DVR/PVRs/Recorders/HardDisks that can happen to record TV - films are more likely to be Cams, Telesync, R5 versions all of which are substandard variants on recorded in the cinema usually by someone with a camera - Versus the better quality DVD to BluRay Rips etc… which do happen once they hit the video store.. or when they go to film reviewers/judges etc. Not to mention that it’s harder to find the quality films and easier to get the latest American Pie/Crank/2012/Action Adventure flick than it is a high res version of Coen brothers latest.

So like blogs killing my book reading; TV has been killing my movie watching. But having noticed this behaviour, I’ve been ensuring with my 200 gig allowance per month of bandwith to get (and hopefully watch) the best quality / well reviewed movies (thx to imdb ratings, movies over 7.5/10 on imdb are almost always fantastic as long as they have over 1000 people having voted for them and most over 6.5 can be watchable depending on the niche/director/cast/time of night u r watching)

Like exercise, I’ve been trying to watch the better films over the average TV: Whether it’s Courney Cox in Cougar Town, even if that show and the even funnier (subversive from the middle) Modern Family, Community and new mid life crisis Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher starring but totally not Everybody Loves Ray pilot last week of the 40something “Men of a Certain Age” - are quite good, sometimes even great.

So, I’ve been watching films more to arrest my relative decline of cinema consumption as a percentage of my overall entertainment and media usage;

- Saw Ang Lee’s #TakingWoodstock late last week. Was OK but a bit directionless, still he’s a great director if this was a bit weak and IMDB may have been a bit nice to it at 7.0/10.

- Caught Matt Dillon in #Armored which was Ok for a smash and grab armored vehicle truck heist - just to check if it was anywhere near the start of Michael Mann’s pacino/Deniro Heat - which still has the best set of scenes for such a job.

- Even caught when I couldnt sleep Sat night the first half of A-OK Aaron Eckhart/Jennifer Aniston #LoveHappens.

- There was also the rough but still not as hardcore or good as the original #BadLieutenant - But this time instead of Harvey Keitel directed by Abel Ferrara (which i luvd as a uni student budding indie film watcher) but the Nic Cage version, not so good, but not as bad as expected.

Now the good thing about downloading alot of these en masse and dropping into a playlist in the ubiquituos VLC Player (as well as ripping for later watching in Ipod Touch via Handbrake software) is u can watch 5 minutes of a movie to see if u like it and then not watch anymore. Or sometimes it may be late - I watch the first hour.. but Im just not hooked enough to stay up till 4am instead of 3am... So having not paid $15 at cinema or $6 at video store.. the obligation to continue watching is zero.

But all said and done, whether it’s blogs, books, tv or films - we all want to experience that creativity we connect to straight away. That takes us away. Amazes us. Keeps us on our seat. I like to be entertained too. I downloaded the Lars Von Trier Anti-Christ Cannes Controversy piece (50% rating on - surprised it’s that high ;)- but I didnt watch it as I knew the entertainment level was going to probably lower than zero (never could get into the dogma filmmaking model since I saw Breaking the Waves and actually walked out due to boredom - which i never do…)

So last night was a bonus after some red fin tuna on the bbq, oysters, delicious potato salad, lettuce n noodle citrus thing with a gr8 Sunday leadin of

- The latest in Joss Whedon #Dollhouse (not sure why that show has had 2 awful first half of seasons but the 2nd half of both Series 1 + 2 is great but now its sacked it doesnt matter anyway - but annoying that it gets good too late)

- BBC #Spooks (up to season 8) Harry and a smaller by the minute crew (cant replace the ones that die quick enough) which is now fighting a heavily funded international conglomerate of Spooks known as Nightingale and prob along with UK E4 channel GenY superantiheroes #Misfits (which is currently my fave show but only one ep left aaaaagh)… and:

- The best current show on TV now #Sonsofanarchy S2 is finished is #FridayNightLights Season 4; Of which every episode this season being top notch. Feels as if u right there with the characters experiencing the emotion. (esp the funeral episode in previous week would be right up there in a list of Top 10 US TV episodes of the noughties… if that existed… well u know what I mean.. if each show is only allowed one entry into top 10 hehe)

So the movie I’d got a proper high res 1.3 gig dvd rip - which  was needed given the cinematography was Balibo. (deserves higher than 7.1/10 on imdb) The Aussie made film about 5 journalists who went to East Timor for Channels 9 + 7 to report on Indonesian coup (all played by the upncoming new breed of local Aussie actors, many of which are known via shows like #Underbelly.. which again shows some of the interrelationships b/w tv and film.. not to mention the benefit of regular work, pay but doing so not for sitcoms but near movie quality acting… plus 1 more that came to investigate their disappearance/execution played brilliantly by the actor in all the big Aussie film hits and the now RIP 7 seasons later Without a Trace - Anthony LaPaglia)

I’m not going to really review Balibo and how good it is. But the morning after - I think it’s best Australian Film I’ve seen.  And it gets near full marks on all criteria that matter; Compelling big story - the opposite of what I call the “Malcom” syndrome, where Aussies make quirky little films. Or (and nothing against this) but we also like making Outback type films.. reflecting our land.. No problems with that but Balibo, being set and I believe shot in East Timor, didnt have to rely on that. And it still had amazing cinematography via use of landscape, forrests, mountains, beaches, as well as period detail. Not a hint of Ayers Rock or Sydney Harbour/Opera House!

Balibo could have been shot by Steven Soderbergh making Che, or Traffic. Or Alejandro González Iñárritu making Amores Perros / 21 Grams - but more beautiful. And distinctly Aussie. So top marks to director/writer Robert Connolly (The Boys, The Bank) - The Balibo 5 had on their King Gee shorts. And Bonds tshirts. Not to mention drinking CUB beer out of longnecks. And thx to #MadMen - any piece set not in the present can have your protagonists chainsmoking Winfields.

So I loved the Balibo. But let’s hope it also acts as a warning for governments (Whitlam period) that if not involved in coverups, are complicit by inaction. Balibo made me really remember (not in an aspirational “i should exercise” way) why I should watch more films. Especially when they are this good. Like I need to blog more, let’s hope the Australian Film Industry can make more films like this one. If you live in an oppressed regime + are unable to get the film by regular means, you could try these external links ;) Or visit the official website.

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Definitely enjoyed the Steven Soderbergh The Girlfriend Experience (movie) with indie pornstress Sasha Grey. (not that enjoy is really the right verb) I’d gone in2 watching expecting something pretty disaffected almost emo + it was (only 6.2/10 on imdb) : But the insight into insecure New York Hedge Fund / Investment Bankers + the hustle of high end escorting - has alot parallels to the professional services industry so many of us operate in.

Now onto Judd Apatow’s #FunnyPeople, as well as Superbad followup #Adventureland, as well as what I’m looking fwd to Devil Wears Prada’s Emily Blunt in #SunshineCleaning. All part of my home / portable watchable indie film festival - after missing Tarantino at Miff on Sunday with #IngloriousBasterds - as I was watching Melbourne win the first 2 draft picks against Richmond, goal after the siren’n'all to The Tigers n’all. Fix The Tank already Demetriou. Now for my random links of last few days..

Jess McGuire via Defamer on the Kyle + Jackie O suitable sacking for operating one too many polygraph for one too many underager on one too many WRONG topic; “I remember at the time thinking to myself “My god, do these people actually get paid to produce such indulgent, childish radio? Why won’t they stop talking and play some goddamn music?”

But what about The Mother : I’m hoping she goes to jail, not get 2 tickets to a Pink concert. And let’s hope Fuzz catch the dodgy perpetrator.. who what’s the alleged bet he is somehow connected to the mother…

Grab the gateways 2 the movies ere’ if u want to replicate The Free Home Indie Film Festival…. ;) Or just grab the feed + get new viewing updates…

The September 2009 Vanity Fair issue feature essay on Farah Fawcett sounds like a reason to buy a magazine…  Well till the pdf arrives on the p2p scene.

“I had just put the casket in the hearse and I was watching it drive away when a beautiful blonde woman comes up and embraces me,” Ryan told me. “I said to her, ‘You have a drink on you? You have a car?’ She said, ‘Daddy, it’s me—Tatum!’ I was just trying to be funny with a strange Swedish woman, and it’s my daughter. It’s so sick.

“That’s our relationship in a nutshell,” Tatum (his 45 year old daughter) said when I asked her about it. “You make of it what you will.” She sighed. “It had been a few years since we’d seen each other, and he was always a ladies’ man, a bon vivant.”

Found an awesome new (to me) online book etailerSkylight Books.. some of my wishlist suggestions I bookmarked. Skylight have an Infinite Summer meetup for David Foster Wallace My Favourite Clear Number 1 Book Ever : Infinite Jest. Respekt; “For anyone who loves Infinite Jest or who is taking part in the mass reading of it for Infinite Summer, we will be offering the store as a meeting place to find kindred DFW fans. We won’t be leading a discussion per se — the point is to put lots of IJ readers in the same room and see what happens. Maybe we’ll talk about the book. Maybe we’ll vent about how heavy it is to lug around. Maybe we’ll play “cartridges.” Maybe we’ll break into a spontaneous game of tennis. Who knows? All of our staff members that evening either have read or are currently reading Infinite Jest! This is the first of two events — see September 22 for more details about the second gathering.”

#TrueBlood has been kicking ass : HBO’s biggest hit since Sopranos I read this week. Congrats to Alan Ball. There is no funner show until September kicks in and we get new #MadMen + #SonsOfAnarchy !

Twin Study @ Skylight Books : “Cavemen Roam The Suburbs, Morality is questionable, teens are angsting, and alcoholics abound. This is the world as Stacey Richter sees it. In spite of–or perhaps because of–this alarming cast of characters, Richter’s stories are infused with wit, humor, and keen observations of what makes humans tick. There is no sentimental hand-wringing about alcoholic or absentee parents, lost loves, or the most terrible suburban neighborhood Christmas displays. Richter’s characters live, exist, play, and often drink too much because that is simply what they do. Carrying on is the only option. Richter writes with volatile energy, hurtling through her stories while coasting seamlessly between the regular and mundane. She sees the repercussions of bad parenting, forgotten kids, and while she may scoff, her caustic observations never demean her characters. By turns heartbreaking, mirthful, sardonic, and wise, her stories occasionally take a turn into the bizarre.”

I love this detailed fact based rant by why Apple won’t be making a Tablet, even tho another article said an analyst had seen one. Who is right ? The Suspense; Will it be Steve Jobs XMAS comeback presentation:) ?

The Musical Illusionist @ Skylight Books : In the tradition of Borges and Calvino, The Musical Illusionist is an interwoven collection of postmodern folk tales-disappearing manuscripts, neurological anomalies, teleporting bacteria, and an unforgettable composer who manipulates sound to bend perception-that masterfully blends scientific curiosity with magical-realist caprice. Alex Rose has published stories and essays for McSweeney’s, the North American Review, The Providence Journal, the Forward, The ScienceCreative Quarterly, and DIAGRAM. He has also directed a number of short films that have appeared on HBO, MTV, Comedy Central, Showtime, and the BBC.”

Underground Cult T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism @ Skylight Books : (what a gr8 title hehe) - “The underground cult bestseller Essays redefining the psychogeographical nooks of autonomy. Recipes for poetic terror, anarcho-black magic, post-situ psychotropic surgery, denunciations of spiritual addictions to vapid infotainment cults - this is the bastard classic, the watermark impressed upon our minds. Where conscience informs praxis, and action infects consciousness, T.A.Z. continues to worm its way into above-ground culture.”

Zeroville @ Skylight Books : Erickson is as unique and vital and pure a voice as American fiction has produced.”-Jonathan Lethem A film-obsessed ex-seminarian with images of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift tattooed on his head arrives on Hollywood Boulevard in 1969. Vikar Jerome enters the vortex of a cultural transformation: rock and roll, sex, drugs, and-most important to him-the decline of the movie studios and the rise of independent directors. Jerome becomes a film editor of astonishing vision. Through encounters with former starlets, burglars, political guerillas, punk musicians, and veteran filmmakers, he discovers the secret that lies in every movie ever made.”

Good 2C Shrinking Kitty once of Franger isn’t taking no red light catfight mess from her working grrls : A verbal cat fight broke out in the girls backroom and was my job to defuse the situation and restore calm and order. I did it. I waded into the fray looking confident and assured. I shouted my little rosebud mouth off and I nearly laughed in the middle of my dressing down, because I sounded just like I was hollering at my kids. Inwardly I was shitting myself. I hate that sort of thing at work, but it is a part of the scene and I accept that. I am totally pissed off that bitches like that think they can crash into my nice little world and fuck it up.”

Glory Goes + Get Some @ Skylight Books :How is a woman in her thirties, HIV-positive and fresh out of rehab, supposed to find love and work in contemporary, urban America, steering clear of self-pity and doctrinaire “happy-talk”? This linked short story collection shows how Glory goes and gets some. Emily Carter’s debut traces Glorys stay in Minnesota’s recovery community, from halfway houses in blighted urban neighborhoods to well-funded treatment centers in bucolic pastures. From her addictions to heroin and alcohol in New York through her unlikely, tenuous, yet rewarding alliances with the full range of treatment mavens in the midwest, Glory gives us an uncensored and irreverent account of her experiences in twelve-step recoverya process that, for all its faults, ultimately works for her.”

Couch @ Skylight Books :In this exuberant and hilarious debut reminiscent of The Life of Pi and Then We Came to the End, an episode of furniture moving gone awry becomes an impromptu quest of self-discovery, secret histories, and unexpected revelations. Thom is a computer geek whose hacking of a certain Washington-based software giant has won him a little fame but few job prospects. Erik is a smalltime con man, a fast-talker who is never quite quick enough on his feet. Their roommate, Tree, is a confused clairvoyant whose dreams and prophecies may not be completely off base. After a freak accident floods their apartment, the three are evicted–but they have to take their couch with them. The real problem?”

This book sounds very post-#TrueBlood : The Sacred Book of the Werewolf @ Skylight Books - “The world’s first Zen Buddhist paranormal romanceapublished to coincide with Halloween One of the most progressive writers at work today, Victor Pelevinas comic inventiveness has won him comparisons to Kafka, Calvino, and Gogol, and “Time” has described him as a apsychedelic Nabokov for the cyberage.a In “The Sacred Book of the Werewolf,” a smash success in Russia and Pelevinas first novel in six years, paranormal meets transcendental with a splash of satire as A Hu-Li, a two-thousand-year-old shape-shifting werefox from ancient China meets her match in Alexander, a Wagner-addicted werewolf whoas the key figure in Russia’s Big Oil. Both a supernatural love story and an outrageously funny send-up of modern Russia, this stunning and ingenious work of the imagination is the sharpest novel to date from Russiaas most gifted literary malcontent.”

#Hung is a gr8 new HBO show (i know zero people that watch it… in the land of cultural cringe eps ere)  … u can watch it for the interiors alone.. as for the awkward interactions (sounds like the latest press conference had a similar degree of cringe/cant look away).. Spot on :P ! Sepinwall… : .. one of the more interesting/confrontational moments came when a critic asked the creators whether the show was actually supposed to be considered a comedy, or if it was just a half-hour drama with occasional moments of humor. Everyone on the panel seemed surprised by this suggestion, particularly when the critic used this episode and next week’s (which also features Natalie Zea as Jemma) as an example of the show heading into darker territory. The panelists (primarily co-creators Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson, plus Jane Adams) acknowledged that the show has its dark moments but that, as Burson put it, “We do think of it as a comedy of awkwardness,” and they had a very different read on these episodes than the critic, who compared them to “Fatal Attraction.”

The Little Book @ Skylight Books :Thirty years in the writing, Selden Edwardsas dazzling first novel is an irresistible triumph of the imagination. Wheeler Burdenabanking heir, philosopher, student of history, legendas son, rock idol, writer, lover, recluse, half-Jew, and Harvard baseball heroaone day finds himself wandering not in his hometown of San Francisco in 1988 but in a city and time he knows mysteriously well: Vienna, 1897. Before long, Wheeler acquires a mentor in Sigmund Freud, a bitter rival, a powerful crush on a luminous young woman, and encounters everyone from an eight-year-old Adolf Hitler to Mark Twain as well as the young members of his own family. Solving the riddle of Wheeleras dislocation in time will ultimately reveal nothing short of one eccentric familyas unrivaled impact upon the course of human history.”

Of a similar epoch, #Feed sounds an apt n interesting read : “Identity crises, consumerism, and star-crossed teenage love in a futuristic society where people connect to the Internet via feeds implanted in their brains. For Titus and his friends, it started out like any ordinary trip to the moon - a chance to party during spring break and play with some stupid low-grav at the Ricochet Lounge. But that was before the crazy hacker caused all their feeds to malfunction, sending them to the hospital to lie around with nothing inside their heads for days. And it was before Titus met Violet, a beautiful, brainy teenage girl who has decided to fight the feed and its omnipresent ability to categorize human thoughts and desires. Following in the footsteps of George Orwell, Anthony Burgess, and Kurt Vonnegut Jr., M. T. Anderson has created a not-so-brave new world — and a smart, savage satire that has captivated readers with its view of an imagined future that veers unnervingly close to the here and now.”

Did I mention my teams woz wobbed at the footy on Sunday after the siren ? Well at least we won draft picks.

With David Foster Wallace gone, I might need to try the latest Thomas Pynchon, the previous Postmodern fiction Giant. I like the title and book cover for his new read, if I can be suitably totally superficial; “Inherent Vice” - also sold at Skylight when it comes out.

With golf on Friday and Footy Saturday / Sunday with my bro pre the rest of his post with child life... my shin splints were not hindering me at all 2day… could have just kept running and running... 82 minutes / 12 kms on treadmill later.. oh and I need Yuketen goatskin peanut suede hunting bootsfit like a glove… hehe - surely no1 is still reading this.. just look at the pictures or download a file.. or do some work.. already.

#PublicEnemies + $100M of “Banking Fees” Feeds.

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Definitely enjoyed Michael Mann #PublicEnemies (links’ere) revisiting his classic apart from last 10 minutes #Heat, but instead of Deniro/Pacino face-off we got a Coen Brother’s Millers Crossing-esque (1 of my Irish mob faves) Johnny Depp / Christian Bale doing their depression era Edgar Hoover G-Men FBi vs Bank Robber Robin Hood Thang.

So just when u might have thought that Kyle Logies Dickhead Dubbed Idol Sydney Shock Jock might fade into obscurity, a mother - with full information - asks the totally wrong question of her daughter - all to win some Pink tickets. Wrong on so many levels. I wonder if NAB bank was annoyed with Mr Special K - that NAB’s $100M gift before legislation and government bodies forced them to scrap unconstitutional overdrawn fees - got neglected from an even bigger PR win by the “Two Dumbest People on Radio” as Herald Sun the thinking 14 year old’s paper - dubbed them.

As I spend more time browser deep in feed alerts, searches, filters, and other user/media generated industry/company/product/brand/topic/keyword based content - I thought the Overdrawn Fees Removal by NAB Bank, would be interesting to drill into via a few tools. And also setup some custom feeds which those in industry or avid Bank Fees Watching Consumers can one click subscribe to.

If there’s one thing I’m learning in Social Media Monitoring, it’s not to track a company name as a keyword - better to track full product names, phrases consumers use, and basically add length. That is unless there is 140 character maximum on an entry - Then it no more than 2 words, often 1, but then use of other filters such as location or only by those items with links. Very shortly I expect sortability of twitter by influence of users and sentiment, the former of which will be very useful. Google News below is still pretty handy for tracking traditional media sources and company news. It can never hurt to have a “MSM” folder in your tracking.

Depending on who the stakeholders of a project are (eg Corp Comms vs Online vs Marketing vs Product Group vs Board/CEO etc) - you can then drill into the different functions within an organisation and how media is covering.

But obviously the main game is what the consumer thinks : Which is harder to separate Traditional Media (MSM) + Social Media (Blogs / Micro-Blogs - Images - Video is my default set) than u might think - If you can get over the geography issue eg “National” “Bank” “Fees” - could be written by / about a whole range of things by a person anywhere in the world.

And even when u get down to consumer blogs and tweets in a region about a brand - quite often they retweet traditional media… which is pretty annoying if u r trying to get their feedback/insights :) De-Duplicating of user generated content is going to get more and more important, (technical, manicuring/editorial + hybrid) companies/individuals that help clients do this will be well positioned.

So in the NAB eliminate Overdrawn Fees example, which was announced July 29, 2009 - I made all my advanced searches across Google Blog Search, Twitter Advanced Search, Google News, Friendfeed search - all show no entries before this date (all of which allowed this other than friendfeed)

Interesting that some of the banks such as Commbank - havent had one mention of their brand and fees together since the announcement - on Twitter. In this case, maybe less noise is better than no noise. Unless you are NAB and the one taking the lead and the feedback is positive…

There are definitely some annoyed St George users who feel like they are the most overcharged nowwell at least that’s what you hear on Twitter, that then gets syndicated over to Friendfeed and heck probably Facebook too:)

So all these different feeds I feed into Google Reader, which then powers Feedly with a better UI and some other analytics - and then run Google Reader plugin - but also export the OPML and the feed for each of the google reader topics (in effect each of the banking brands) - Postrank then scores each entry out of 10 based on a range of viral factors.

Once Postrank is installed - You have a few different ways to track what is hot within your data - There the individual items you select/manicure/moderate in Feedly or Google (they sync) - that generate a feed out of Google Reader or a real time alert email via Feedly. Below is Feedly shared items for Overdrawn Banking Fees June 28-30 period.

No algorithm yet is perfect at identifying relevant posts. Alternatively, but usually in complement, you have Postrank running a Good and Great set of feeds.. while it is scoring every post in Google Reader out of 10. From downunder, it’s a pity postrank dont allow a user to lower the score - as generally with less consumers of an Australian bank.. the metrics should be per capita’ised :) First screenshot is Google Reader by recency with Postrank running set to “Good” - you can see how many entries dont even meet the lowest level above ALL for popularity.

This is the ideal combination to me : Algorithmic scoring with Postrank combined with Human “Manicured” Results : Best of both worlds.

Australian Banking Industry Overdrawn Fees

The Feeds used in this experiment were not harmed, if you want to add to your feed reader….. any questions/requests (for particular industries or brands to cover downunder) comment/ping/twitter dm me…

Australian Banking Fees  : Most Recent Social Media Entries - Top 6 Banks across Blogs, Friendfeed and Twitter : Web Page HereFeed’ere.

NAB Bank Fees : Most Recent Social Media Entries across Blogs, Friendfeed and Twitter : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

ANZ Fees : Most Recent Social Media Entries across Blogs, Friendfeed and Twitter : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

Westpac Fees : Most Recent Social Media Entries across Blogs, Friendfeed and Twitter : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

Commbank Fees : Most Recent Social Media Entries across Blogs, Friendfeed and Twitter : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

St George Fees : Most Recent Social Media Entries across Blogs, Friendfeed and Twitter : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

Bendigo Fees : Most Recent Social Media Entries across Blogs, Friendfeed and Twitter : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

Twitter Only Fees : Most Recent Social Media Entries from Twitter : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

Blogs Only Banking Fees : Most Recent Social Media Entries from Blogs : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

Mainstream Media Only Banking Fees  : Most Recent Traditional MSM Entries : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

BB Banking Fees Shared Items : Most Recent Social Media Entries across Blogs, Friendfeed and Twitter : Web Page Here. Feed’ere.

sunday high tea sugar_rush+ comic-con linkage.

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Windsor High Tea

So I could mention the Rye v Redhill game yday - but u will have to be happy with my awesome fresh $5 Nanna Burger with the Lot, or Cats snatching victory by 1 point against Hawks.. but the most I can offer is some links to Comic-Con which after SXSW is the conference I’d most like to go to. There is a bonus Amazon buying Zappos link (zappos didnt want to sell, moritz did) and a Polyvore set from earlier in week. But I’m off to High Tea at The Windsor, so I’m cleaned up + off to indulge in a sugard up weekend of CBD highbrow joy. L8R.

Sepinwall on the Unaired Dollhouse eps which were gr8 btw : “What concerns me, though, is that “Epitaph One” is such a game-changer for the series — revealing so much about what the show is really about, and what the future has in store for all the regulars — that it’s somewhat alarming to think it’s only going to be on the DVD, especially since Joss said they fully intend to follow up on it over the course of season two. We’ll check in on some of the 2019 characters, Whedon intends to explore the parameters (logistically and morally) of what can be done with the imprinting tech, along similar lines to what’s discussed in “Epitaph One,” and the new season is even going to be shot in the same more immediate (and inexpensive) visual style as this episode.

The Fringe Panel about Pacey sounded excellent : “Saying that they expected to reveal the show’s alternate universe, “Fringe” executive producer Alex Kurtzman thought the shift would be revealed in Season 3 or 4, not on the freshman season of the Fox drama. “We always knew we were going to do the alternate universe, it just happened sooner,” he said. As for Josh Jackson’s Peter being from said alternate universe, the actor said: “As an actor, you never want to read the line ‘And he looks at Peter’s grave.’” “I love that the audience now knows something that Peter doesn’t,” Jackson said.”

PE_Hub on Amazon acquisition of Zappos (+/or check the Jeff Bezos video about customer centric biz) : “Zappos was financially strong enough to wait for the IPO market to recover, if it chose to go that route. The source, a Zappos shareholder who has seen the company’s income statement reports, said that the company did over $1 billion in gross revenue in 2008, $625 million in net revenue and had an EBITA greater than $40 million. Zappos had raised $49.1 million from venture investors since its inception, most of it from Sequoia, The Zappos shareholder, who says he has seen the company’s capitalization tables, says Sequoia had a 3x or 3.5x liquidity preference associated with the shares it purchased. “When Mike [Moritz, a GP with Sequoia] came in, he came in at a high valuation, but he countered that with a very high liquidation preference,” the shareholder says. “It puts management on one side of the table and investors on the other. Then there’s always pressure to sell the company.” Moritz, the sources say, wanted Zappos to sell while Hsieh wanted to remain independent.”

Diablo Cody : (@ComicCon talking abouthe Megan Fox schlock horror Diablo written Jennifer’s Body) “When I first set out to write this, I intended to write something very dark, very brooding, traditional slasher movie, and then I realized about a third of the way into the process that I was incapable of doing that, because the humor kept seeping in. I have a macabre sense of humor; a lot of the things in the movie that are horrifying are funny to me. I’ve always said that I think comedy films and horror films are kind of similar, in that you can witness the audience having a physical release. They’re laughing, they’re screaming, it’s not a passive experience.”

Dexter Animated Series @ ComicCon : “Dexter: Early Cuts will be a series of animated webisodes, featuring voiceover by Michael C Hall, that details some of the character’s earliest kills. We’ll see him develop his surgical technique in a darkly graphic style on Showtime didn’t show off any footage, but we did see one painted-looking image that was appropriately dark and moody.”

Off to the Melbourne CBD “The Windsor” for High Tea

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Australia #Lost in #FutureSummit vs Cannes’ #AntiChrist + Worthington’s #Terminator

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So Aussie influentials are Faux-Davos’ing at low income earners gambling mecca that helps the government’s rivers of taxation gold Crown Casino, for the tweet defined ‘end of the world‘ orientated #futuresummit.

Here r just the tweets with links so u can avoid the solely non-referenced sentimental.

Who knew so much earnesty, sentimentality + sucky salesmenship could be zipped up into 140 chars. BTW, I liked the #Lost finale tho once I finally got round to watchin after a vpleasant weekend even if it included a “valiant” 7 points Dees loss + my first/worst cold in quite a few years.

Read Dunc on Day 1 to avoid the noise + c that u r missin nuthin new altho the topics r broadened beyond the usual bloggers vs journos.Without cheap fast broadband there is no hope - I agree.

Now every1 with a freemium UGC micro-blogging account can have an opinion on how Australia cultivates competitive advantage in climate change, nuclear reactors, mining stuff from the ground + the good ol 1’s + 0’s of knowledge economy.

Day 2 powwows kicked off with the necessary quotient of sessions on Aboriginal character, back channel bout slavery, the green economy, Matthew Johns linkage to education, now that’s a segueway.

Hollywood Reporter interviewing Tarantino on Inglourious Basterds : ".. It's a no-fucking-around kind of pacing. That doesn't mean it's a big action movie. It just means there's a good, steady pacing. I don't luxuriate in every scene. But it's got the mix of dialogue with the action. It's probably the closest thing I've ever done to "Pulp Fiction.".. In the last 20 years, we've seen a lot of movies that show war from the anti-war, misery perspective. And I don't mean to say I'm pro-war, because I'm not. But in the '40s and '50s people made movies that were thrilling and exciting. War movies don't always have to show things from the perspective of the victim. And it's also not really about war. I treat World War II similar to how E.L. Doctorow treated "Ragtime." I'm taking a historical time and putting in my own ideas and characters.. I just don't have a clue what I'm going to do next. After I finish a movie, it's good to have a year of my life back, so I wait and see what rises up or if something new comes along. When I started writing this, it was the only mountain I could see. And I had to get over that mountain to see all the other mountains."

Like our $43B info2.0way - it’s all 2020 stuff - from the self described top 5% income earning, low twittering white males from the creative + business established class.

T4 : "The year is 2018, and mankind is being snuffed out by the malevolent machines of SkyNet. The man who is destined to lead the human resistance, John Connor (Bale), is now an adult but is struggling with his legacy and the suspicions of Advertisement his ragged compatriots. He also is staggered when he meets Marcus Wright (Worthington), whose last memory is of being a death row prisoner before the apocalyptic attacks of SkyNet. Wright turns out to be a SkyNet-created cyborg model but one that does not match the prophecies that have guided Connor his entire life. The distrusting pair set off on a quest to find answers, and the path leads to Dr. Serena Kogen (Helena Bonham Carter) and an ending that "will shock everyone," McG promises."

I’m waiting for Terminator 4 Judegement Day. It’s too late for Australia, and to rub things in John Connor may have been wrong. Luckily Sam Worthington may save us from becoming fodder for David Williamson’s next won’t be shown in Sydney play. Or a Boner Party transnational comparison piece; “Italian babes are fucking light years ahead of your average American Mall Babes its ridiculous. she’s probably 50 years ahead of our time.”

Lars Von Trier Breakdown or Genius #Anti Christ @ Cannes via NYMag : "After knocking him unconscious, Gainsbourg bores a hole in Dafoe's leg with a hand drill and bolts him to a grindstone to keep him from escaping. Then, she smashes his scrotum with some sort of blunt object (the moment of impact happens slightly below the frame). We don't actually see his testicles become disengaged from this body, though it's apparently implied. Next, she brings him to a climax with her hands and he ejaculates blood (yes, it's shown). But that's not all! Later, in an extreme closeup — lensed by Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle! — Gainsbourg cuts off her own clitoris with a pair of scissors."

Australia has #futuresummit. Cannes has (Vincent Gallo/Coppola) #Tetro (Playlist wrapup off reviews for Von Trier’s Art Fart) #AntiChrist + #inglouriousbasterds. It’s a barrierless glocal world we aren’t or won’t cut it in, unless we do a Worthington + become Mad Max 4 cyborgs in the Hollywood Hills. As Obama said this week : “We’re fine, everybody. We’re following Brennans adage that we dont do things easily. We’re not going to shy away from things that are uncomfortable sometimes.

PartyDown that classic show on Starz or BT hehe interview on with their writer : "For Enbom, who ran the show day to day and wrote most of the episodes, "it was a matter of me going into a small, windowless cubicle in the Starz building and banging them out over a few months. I had to remind myself, 'It's not only a comedy, but a premium cable comedy, and you have to stop self-censoring yourself, and take all your impulses and just run with them.' Once I got the hang of it, it was kind of great, but it was amazing how long it took to shake off those mental blocks.""

No #2’s or The Thes in Fast and Furious.

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Amazing China themed Harpers issues shot by Chen Zun

Amazing China themed Harpers issues shot by Chen Zun

No Being John Malkovich

So I’ve seen 3 films in last 12 hours, the beauty of desktop computing where u can watch mini/mid or fullscreen; There was the much awaited Charlie John Malkovich Kaufman written and directorial debut’d Synecdoche (get it ere), which is the classic theatre play within a film, with Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing the role we’ve all seen him do a million times - the neurotic, self centred high dysfunctional OCD savant. Overall reviews of film had been bad, although some had heralded it as postmodern genius, unfortunately it reminded me a heck of alot of Curious Case of Benjamin Button - but linear in time not reverse.

synecdoche - A huge theatre space for 2 decades where they try + make this biography of the theatre director played by seymou hoffman

Synecdoche - A huge theatre space for 2 decades where they try + make this biography of the theatre director played by Phillip seymour hoffman

Synecdoche - if u liked Benjamin Button

Which was disappointing, esp because on rewatching Being John Malkovich a few months ago, that film concept wise and word4word scriptwise is still the bomb. Absolutely top of game brilliant. Synecdoche just as I found Benjamin Button (altho Im a huge David Fincher fan) - technically brilliant, but human compellin emotionwise, totally uninvested. Am I the only one that found (Cate Blanchett aside : how good an actress is she? : there will be some breakout films cate will do no doubt) anyway that the $170m budget (10x+ Slumdog Millionaire’s budget) Benjamin Button (name acronymn aside) totally boring ?

Now Synecdoche had only a few million or so to play with which is impressive given what was made, but unlike Malkovich the story within a story, the 13B extras in the world all who can be a lead in the film goes the pitch.. just blah. In short the film covers 2 decades in which Seymour Hoffman doesn’t make a play and for some reason the women around him want to sleep with him once.

Best part of film was text on screen with voice overs, sad i know, but good wordplay is hard to find:)

Best part of film was text on screen with voice overs, sad i know, but good wordplay is hard to find:)

Transporter 3

So the 2nd film was opposite end of the spectrum (online releases have been a bit slim post Oscars when the judges receive dvd copies to review which are then ripped : the heyday of pre-xmas when barely released films such as Slumdog Millionaire, Gran Torino and Milk - all awesome films, came out in the space of days, and DVDrip qualities were made “available”) Anyway I felt like some action to balance Kaufman, and so Jason Statham helmed  Transporter 3 it was. (Statham seems to be in nothing bad or great : always watchable action, but never veers off that.. i like that u can go2 his flix having a quality barometer. His IMDB bio sums it up well : “He has been an Olympic Diver on the British National Diving Team and finished 12th in the World Championships in 1992. He has also been a fashion model, black market salesman and finally of course, actor.”)

Good Mindless Action Fun : Transporter 3

Good Mindless Action Fun : Transporter 3

Fast and Furious Dont Mention #4

Numbering in sequels is interesting - Fast and Furious 4 : which reunites the original cast needed a payday (other than Eva little rehab stint Mendes - as the Vin what happened to the X action franchise Diesel, and Paul usually plays slighted husband/cop Walker plus Michelle Lost no more Rodriguez), used numbering sequels 2+3 but for #4 they’ve reverted back to “Fast and Furious” - There is a tagline : “New Model. Original Parts.” - But even that is not technically in the title as provided to IMDB or on the official website. It’s pretty hidden on official poster. It’s like they think the audience has amnesia and will just forget about the first 3 movies, but scarily they are trying to by definition of a 4th filmic installment, they are trying to milk the audience “franchise” : So they don’t want em to forget first 3.  So do they think the punter is a mug or sophisticated consumer ? Upon close examination, the latest installment drops both of the “The” s from #1 “The Fast and The Furious”. Thus, “Fast and Furious” is born. Damn where is Randy the Ram Robinson Rourke when u need him.

There's only one thing I miss from a standard fulltime stoopidly paid fulltime job and thats the um petrol cards, good people ? no altho they were gr8 its the sub$70k Japanese sports car. Damn 370z will be phat, esp when they make a cabriolet. Very Fast and Fruious ! They r even on twitter!

There's only one thing I miss from a standard fulltime stoopidly paid fulltime job and thats the um petrol cards, good people ? no altho they were gr8 its the sub $70k Japanese sports car. Damn 370z will be phat, esp when they make a cabriolet. Very Fast and Fruious ! They r even on twitter!

Dropping the “The”s + The “2″s

So they want people to remember “Fast and Furious” but think of it is as some type of bigger and better reinterpretation of the original. (which i liked, i mean heck i like all of em so dont get me wrong:) Obviously they want to forget about the John i really needed some $ at the time boyz in the hood homoerotic #2 directed 2Fast 2Furious Singleton. And who knows what happened to the army brat in #3 (longest of titles - The Fast and The Furious : Tokyo Drift“) who learnt how to conquer the Tokyo Drift while beating and coming to a deal with the Yakuza. Will we see him in #3 ? So many questions when it comes to the Just like the original and better than the 2 after it #4 “Fast and Furious.”

4 fast + furious types... but no eva mendes.

Damn I’m Still Hooked on U-Boat + Welder Watches by Italo Fontana

So sorry for that Fast + Furious 4 rift I was talking Transporter 3, but i had to get that off my chest as the viral campaigns chatter crescendos. In comparison, these days there seems to be little in the way of the classic action films u grew up with if u were an 80’s child. The dead per capita body per flick released count must be way down when u compare decade by decade; Who said political correctness hasn’t been hugely successful in its aims : Luckily there are some very well crafted and I assume the extremely profitable let’s hope he’s getting major % points Matt Damon Bourne franchise, and the copycat more recent James Bond recincarnation by once more arty Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig and James Bond wear an Omega but I reckon the Transporter might wear a Uboat, this new ceramic black dial, white face, brown alligator hornback strap is the biz, minus the $3K pounds price tag heheh. Bigger watches are soooo much better. Once u go big u cant go back, and Uboat are the biggest watches of the major brands and much cheaper 2-3x than Rolex. From Jurawatches : "With its black ceramic case and the high-contrasting white face, this chronograph is set to be the white touch U-Boat are looking for this summer. With the release of last year’s Flightdeck CAB WH sporting it’s white alligator strap, U-Boat are taking the ceramic model to the next level. This time the alligator strap is lined with silicon to protect it from the sea in those shark-infested waters... or the pool when you get pushed in. Either way, be prepared to see white flashes from across the Riviera. Availabitily: March/April 2009"

Daniel Craig and James Bond wear an Omega but I reckon the Transporter might wear a Uboat, this new ceramic black dial, white face, brown alligator hornback strap is the biz, minus the $3K pounds price tag heheh. Bigger watches are soooo much better. Once u go big u cant go back, and Uboat are the biggest watches of the major brands and much cheaper 2-3x than Rolex. From Jurawatches : "With its black ceramic case and the high-contrasting white face, this chronograph is set to be the white touch U-Boat are looking for this summer. With the release of last year’s Flightdeck CAB WH sporting it’s white alligator strap, U-Boat are taking the ceramic model to the next level. This time the alligator strap is lined with silicon to protect it from the sea in those shark-infested waters... or the pool when you get pushed in. Either way, be prepared to see white flashes from across the Riviera. Availabitily: March/April 2009"

Old Skool Dayz

Watching flix like Transporter 3 tho does make me dejavu memory lane + remembering Harrison Ford doing his chase, Tommy Lee Jones never giving up, Bloodsports Van Damme, Nico Above the Law Seagal, Pierce Brosnan and so on. And dont even get me started on related genres such as the Bank Heist Point Break or Nightclub Enforcer who does yoga and safes the town Roadhouse which i watched recently as I’ve been getting mega into Patrick Swayze’s likely last work The Beast, which is heavily recommended for action, The Wire, The Shield fans. Surely Free to Air will bring The Beast to australia, i reckon it would rate.

I'm Mesmerised by these Gourmet kix : are they sneakers, shoes, part of yer tracksuit :) ?

I'm Mesmerised by these Gourmet kix : are they sneakers, shoes, part of yer tracksuit :) ?

With such movie, the start needs to be action - An escape from overseas country, with high intensity, good for bluray chase, and some incidental murders of supporting baddies. Cue opening credits. Then we get an explanation about some evil Eastern European murderous cretins which our Mr trying to keep to myself one more job Good with unfortunately 2 dimensional not fleshed out supporting female love interest, which I swear are put in movie to ensure a reasonable market share of “date” related movie visits.

Along with a Uboat + the Gourmet Kix I may asa well have this always sold out Crooks Crossbones jacket from best urban etailer in the ebiz!

Along with a Uboat + the Gourmet Kix I may asa well have this always sold out Crooks Crossbones jacket from best urban etailer in the ebiz!

Where is Sarah Connor when U need her ?

Pity there isn’t more Sarah Connor Chronicles than the action version of He’s Just Not That into You. Anyways action films being the slowest tof media to evolve their gender stereotypes (vis-a-vis Friday night TV ala Battlestar Gallactica/Dollhouse/Sarah Connor Chronicles even if some cases they end up being highend robotic programmed hookers) which is pushing “female gender identity programming in action entertainment” is another post altogether.

The World of Gender is changing as it always does. Fem Raunch, could be interesting read or could be just a high impact cover... 4/5 on amazon w/ a critical mass of reviews is a pretty good indicator : If any1 has read pls leave comment :)

The World of Gender is changing as it always does. Fem Raunch, could be interesting read or could be just a high impact cover... 4/5 on amazon w/ a critical mass of reviews is a pretty good indicator : If any1 has read pls leave comment :)

Book Intermission : LOWBOY

I am always trying to find the "next" book + LOWBOY is it... now I just have to secure it.

I am always trying to find the "next" book + LOWBOY is it... now I just have to secure it.

BTW, I found a book I want to read via the Google News/Reader ‘David Foster Wallace” atom feed I follow - An alert popped up yday of a post DFW author who won same genius upncoming author award who has his 3rd book out (was Inifinite Jest his third book?) anyway the book is called “LOWBOY” I now want badly - along with locally written The Slap. 2 books I need to read… better fix bedside lamp.. and dream of a kindle but read the trees version first. New York Times : “Thus far in his career, John Wray has received serious critical love. His first novel, “The Right Hand of Sleep” (2001), earned him a Whiting Award, a very pretty feather in any young novelist’s cap (David Foster Wallace and William Vollmann were both recipients).. Wray’s third novel, “Lowboy,” is uncompromising, often gripping and generally excellent. The book opens on a November morning, when 16-year-old William Heller enters the Manhattan subway system. Talking to an aged Sikh seated next to him, William explains he has a fondness for riding trains, specifically subways — hence his nickname, “Lowboy.” His voice drops when he asks if the Sikh understands him. He checks over his shoulder to see if he’s being followed. “The Sikh religion,” he confides knowingly to the puzzled Sikh, “is less than 70 years old.”

Read a review of LOWBOY from Fantastic Fiction UK.

Read a review of LOWBOY from Fantastic Fiction UK.

(NY Times Review of LOWBOY Cont….)

“…Soon he curses, impatient. In sections that usually last less than a page, Wray deftly takes readers in and out of the psyche of what they will learn is a paranoid schizophrenic teenager, portraying Lowboy’s unsteady viewpoint without sensationalizing or sugarcoating his troubles. Wray’s sentences — though they occasionally elongate, turn rhythmic and zag — are mostly simple and declarative. But their cumulative effect is to immerse the reader in a skewed perspective: the world reflected in a fun-house mirror, with places and people recognizable but distorted. Many of the novel’s opening scenes contain sentences that, at first glance, are opaque; inevitably these sentences turn out to be seeds, waiting to open. Which is to say that while this book is easy to read, a small amount of patience is required before you really know what’s going on.. Lowboy is off his meds — which make him feel “like being pressed under glass” — and has just escaped his chaperones from a mental institution. He believes that global warming is going to destroy the world in 10 hours, that he’s the only one who can stop it and that the fate of the planet hinges on whether he can partake in a certain preoccupation of most adolescents and adults (hint: text messaging is not the answer). His mission brings him to Emily, a teenage hipster dream girl he used to date, who had something to do with the circumstances behind Lowboy’s institutionalization.”

Latest Terminator is good if hard to know what is happening really in Sarah Connor Chronicles. Is David still a DJ in 90210 for example now Megan Fox broke up with him?

Latest Terminator is good if hard to know what is happening really in Sarah Connor Chronicles. Is David still a DJ in 90210 for example now Megan Fox broke up with him?

Watch the David Lynch Lost Highway Link Below for a Laugh

And for a film in between, what I watched while constructing this post was Nobel Son, not bad not gr8 flick which is a typical kidnapping with a twist flick, the sole reason I watched was for Bill David Lynch got me out of romcoms + put me in Lost Highway and I still havent returned from Andy’s Party the other dimension damn it how did Naomi Mulholland Drive Watts do so well Pullman. Oh, I also watched it coz it had Buffy/Angel created #Dollhouse lead Eliza Dushku who I’ve been collecting evidence by watching Season 2 of TruCalling (6 eps, pretty bad concept) and she plays a disturbed poet/colluder with kidnapper. Suffice to say, grrl cant really act but whatevs. Watch the webstream for Nobel Son ere and decide yourself.

Elevator Pitch : Barkley Michaelson is in a deep life rut. He’s struggling to finish his PhD thesis when his father, the learned Eli Michaelson, wins the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Barkley and his mother, Sarah, a renowned forensic psychiatrist, now have the ill-fortune of living with a man-eating monster whose philandering ways have gotten less and less discrete. As if Barkley’s world is not bad enough, on the eve of his father receiving the Nobel, Barkley is kidnapped and the requested ransom is the $2,000,000 in Nobel prize money. Needless to say, Eli refuses to pay it and so starts a venomous tale of familial dysfunction, lust, betrayal and ultimately revenge. In the words of Michel De Montaigne, the 16th century philosopher: “There is more barbarity in eating a man alive than in eating him dead.””

Some Nice Artwork to do with the Obama Hope/Change posters but Heath and Chaos

Some Nice Artwork to do with the Obama Hope/Change posters but Heath and Chaos