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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » Ex-Junglees Go After the "ACL" Market (Top Secret)

Ex-Junglees Go After the "ACL" Market (Top Secret)

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While on the topic of crawling, it seems some ex-Junglee employees who missed the chance to buy Google early on, are focusing on an algorithm around identifying the category or topic of a page. Silicon Beat from Battelle link :Kosmix, like Google and Yahoo, is crawling and indexing the entire Web. It has come up with its own technology to rank pages by category, instead of by keyword.” Sounds Clusty to me : “So type in ACL into Kosmix’s health engine, and you’ll get relevant pages straight off, but also a helpful categorization of results along the left-hand column, for example: “definition,” “causes,” “treatments,” and “blogs” and “message boards.” Harinarayan doesn’t mind boasting: “What you can get with five minutes at this site, is a hundred times what you can get at Google.” It even provides a category for alternative medicine. Harinarayan remarks: “You wouldn’t even know to ask about that at Google.” These Stanford guys are pretty “confident” arent they. Not “pretty”. “Confident”. Although this parts interesting - “To organize its results, Kosmix doesn’t use pagerank — or popularity, based on the number links to a page. Kosmix decided pagerank is inefficient when it comes to categories. “There is no affinity to topic, when you are ranking by raw popularity,” says Harinarayan. Instead, Kosmix looks at what pages that link to other pages are saying — to take a bigger stab at judging the meaning or subject of the page. If the linking page is saying something similar to the page it links to, you can begin getting at its meaning, or at least muster up enough information to categorize it by topic. Harinarayan calls it “category rank.” Kosmix is essentially tagging pages with categories. “Auto-tagging the Web,” as Harinarayan puts it.”

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  1. Andrew Kane
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    But is that really better?


    /s/ Andrew

  2. Robert G.
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    dude, those chicks are HOTT