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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » Look at Rocketboom’s Studio ! Now an Ad-Auction

Look at Rocketboom’s Studio ! Now an Ad-Auction

rocketboom boom
Originally uploaded by redbarren.

It’s the exception that proves the rule, and parents dont get myspace, so how rockn that the Rocketboom H-264 ready news-vid is auctioning its ads on Ebay : You dont have to pay no middleman no stoopid non transparent fee, and by running your own 1-7 day auction you ensure liquidity in the bidding. The more the merrier. Keep independence, amp up marketing, play coy in “discussions” and smell the napalm ! Awesome. Englishmen in New York says thewinning bidder will have to relinquish control of the advertising to Baron and Congdon who are going to make the adverts themselves. If a company insists on making its own advert, then Congdon and Baron will vet it (and exercise a veto) before it runs. And this policy will apply to all future adverts on Rocketboom.”

Podnetwork chiefs like Adam Curry and blog bureau OG’s as per John Battelle will be watching : Very high reach shows (like Rocketboom is for portable video) and Daily Source Code are lucky in that they can control the small amounts of advertising they offer. And the talent in these cases is also the co-owner/founder. It gets harder once you drill down to the “long tail” of podcasts and vlogs, where it isnt economic to control/produce the creative. (most likely result then is customised audio/video integration sponsorships for high reach shows and standard agency produced creative or “read-ons” for low reach show). And dont forget that 1950’s TV trend at moment, where podcast/vlogs are funded by advertisers. Ala Mary + Karla on Podshow, sponsored by Acuvue. Word.

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    look good.