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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » Early Flanking in Battle for 2.0 Aussie Eyeballs

Early Flanking in Battle for 2.0 Aussie Eyeballs

Originally uploaded by redbarren.

Tailrank is breaking all the interesting posts (i think if they made it one column - sortable by time eg 1-24 hours, then usage would go really mainstream - which is always the bane of niche tech web 2.0 services of the non you-tube variety) I like looking at hot posts for last 1-2 hours and 17 minutes ago there is a post about networks launching shows on Itunes before they air on TV. The first results of the Cuban simultaneous dvd-cable-cinema release of (Soderbergh directed) “Bubble” movie are reported on btw, with dvd the early winner. (”In Santa Monica, 9 out of 10 people who were willing to chat with a reporter on their way inside, all but two worked in the entertainment industry, and nearly half said they first heard about the film from media coverage of collapsing windows.”)

So yahoo7 launched in Australia yesterday and they mentioned it was a “6 week” piece of integration etc, which looks about right. Alot of red etc and then a gateway to Yahoo, but it’s all good for local competition. Throw in NewsCorp’s local attack with and you have yourself the setting for a 2.0 Aussie Smackdown : That is once we move past the 1.0 portalonomics. Nic Jones : “What the web has done is to connect communities with the rest of the world but the real value of the web is not global, it is local;) At the same time Fairfax, Australia’s other top newspaper publisher is preaching online - Top Down : “Fairfax Digital, the company’s Internet arm, contributed just A$4.6 million of the publisher’s A$425.8 million earnings before interest and tax in the year ended June 30, 2005. Advertising accounts for 80 percent of the company’s revenue. “I would like to see substantially less reliance on media publications and more on electronic transmissions and new age information services” in five years’ time, the 66-year-old Walker said. “Maybe Fairfax needs a younger image because we are preaching to a younger audience… All facets of the Internet are attractive to us,” Walker said. The push online may include entertainment sites or teaming with a financial company to provide services such as mortgage advice, he said... Fairfax may also combine its database with other media companies to tackle Sensis, the advertising and directories unit of Telstra Corp., Australia’s biggest telephone company.“Telstra had a monopoly on information transmission in the past but we believe there’s a big revenue base out there to be had if we’re clever,” Walker said. “Sensis’ business is high on the agenda because that’s a monopoly that’s just waiting to be attacked, and we’re good at that.” - Yup, the 2.0 warzone is set.

“Since taking the top job, Chief Executive Kirk has bought holiday booking Web site Stayz Australia for A$12.7 million and a stake (20%) in online advertising company Mooter Media Ltd. for A$4.1 million. His predecessor Fred Hilmer bought online dating agency for A$38.9 million.”

“Back to Vidpod + TV : What would be really kewl if Apple, Ch7 or 9 (even Fox/News/MySpace) started releasing TV shows for $1.99au before or soon after they were aired. Even Headland and Last Man Standing. Or those series of Sopranos and finale of Six Feet Under would be much appreciated. It’s a joke as (Australians) we cant even download Lost etc - which is equivalent to arriving at a website like Yahoo, oops Yahoo7 and being told “Sorry, wrong geo-IP address, you’ll have to entertain yourself elsewhere.” unlike any of the Australian media actually tell us who’s on the board : A direct copy of ninemsn : 3 from each side, annual revolving chairman. (as its a JV 50/50) “Board members from Seven are Ryan Stokes, of Pacific Magazines and son of Seven topper Kerry Stokes; Seven commercial director Bruce McWilliam; and head of digital media Rohan Lund. The Yahoo! contingent consists of Hollywood-based Ira Kurgan; emerging markets VP Pam Thompson; and senior VP John Marcom, who will also head up Yahoo7.” Ipodbank :Nickelodeon and Comedy Central are putting shows on iTunes before they broadcast on television. Nickelodeon just put a new episode of Zoey 101 called “Girls Will Be Boys” ahead of its January 29th network debut and Comedy Central will put a new episode of “Drawn Together” three days before its February 1 network debut. While the Zoey 101 episode will cost $1.99, the Drawn Together episode will be available for free.”

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    Apple is so awesome with the way it is being so innovative and cutting edge. I love it!


  2. Flashman
    Posted January 31, 2006 at 12:33 am | Permalink

    A 2.0 showdown? Let me tell you, the channels Nine and Seven, as well as NewsCorp in the form of Truelocal, are more about using existing ideas of the internet to make money.

    That is, they’re primarily about connecting users to advertising and subscription content, rather than to other users.

    Truelocal is classifieds. Yahoo7 is promotion of television content, and later perhaps the sale of it online, with advertising on the side.

    Now, if I could use truelocal to rate my local printer, or if that printer could use truelocal as a portal to its potential customers (rather than a straight classified ad), or if there was some kind of craigslist-style service - now that would be much more “Web 2.0″.

    As it is, I still think they don’t really get it. Which leaves room at the bottom of the market for somebody innovative to come through and snatch up that business with something truly local.

  3. redbarren
    Posted January 31, 2006 at 12:46 am | Permalink

    Yup - I agree its time for a change after having spent 3 years at sensis. Jeff Jarvis summarised it well

    Also remember, the wheels move slowly sometimes, but they are moving and none of the big players think making a Yellowpages searchable online is good enough anyway.

    In development.

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