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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » Tupac’s 2.0 Remix of the MySpace OPR Edge Latte

Tupac’s 2.0 Remix of the MySpace OPR Edge Latte

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Originally uploaded by redbarren.

I had graphed my sitemeter traffic, looked at the variance with google analytics. Calculated some inbound link quality with a recency filter, and had read about the impending scarcity of attention. I had to do something to arrest this decline into atrophy. Tommy was turning up for work. Purchase order for box. New Dev Cycle. 6 weeks. Need 2 monetise. No more Core Competencies. The Perfect Memetic Market. Clooney 3 Kings. Jack Nicholson microchunking. East Coast Deniro method. Draw a line around the perimeter of the office. Good Idea. Make the Song Your Own. Take whatever Resources you Need. Scientology. American Idol. The Line = The Edge. OB1. R2D2. Kabbalah. MacBookProNot. Want my Newton2. Crossover. The Comfort Zone. Walk on Coals. I crossed The Line. Walk on Nails. Crossed. It. Mind over Matter. Crossed. The Artist previously known as Edge. To secure OPR. VC 101. Other People’s Resources. Simon Cowell. Bentley Azure Cab or Continental GT. Pdid. Sean. Kanye. Co-opt The Bakery, Service Station and Starbucks. Get ju-jitsu in order. Attention was begat from Claire “how are you today, sir ?”. No Sir. Maam. Grande quaad. Please. Secured chair and table. Plus piece of paper surrounding warm glass. Eyeballs again. Capital Invested. Long Espresso ROI. Melting Icecream. Two girls next to me : short dirty blond + longer brunette. More Citizens of Humanity. Carrie Handbags. Mary Kate 60′op’glasses. Billionaire Tween Myopia. Down the Production Line. Discussion : Is Suburbanism the New Urbanism. Or not. Husbands. Brunette PSFK says - “The question we must ask is, at what point is dense pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use, mixed-density, mixed-price suburban redevelopment not “suburban?” Suburbia, by definition, is low-density, single-use, single-price homogeneity. Why are we so afraid to say that an area is “urbanizing,” or that we are building “new towns?” Blonde @ La-Times :One of the most striking features of “new suburbanism” is the dramatic shift from cars to walking. In the refurbished downtown areas, especially, residents are parking their automobiles in city lots off main streets so they can stroll along gussied-up avenues chock-full of restaurants, shops and clubs. They can people-watch in central plazas and run errands on their lunch hours. They also can ride their bicycles.” Green Monster. Back on Edge. Lost the Line. I want to ride my bike. Walk. Let the podchildren sing. Finishing my quickly depreciating warm liquid asset, crunching the tip numbers. -18% IPO avg error. “Suburban communities have accounted for 85% of all economic and job growth since 2000.“OhmiGod, i@spentThelast^3Dayson&MySpace4WORK. Post-2.0 bubble cruising, the Tupac remix ;)

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  1. Ross
    Posted January 31, 2006 at 7:16 am | Permalink

    Great site. Dude, one word - PARAGRAPHS

  2. Sportbook
    Posted September 11, 2006 at 3:47 pm | Permalink

    Gang Related, co-starring Tupac and James Belushi, is released. Nine days later, the soundtrack, which includes four Tupac songs, comes out on Death Row.
    November 25, 1997 R U Still Down? [Remember Me] a double CD of previously unreleased Tupac tracks, comes out on Amaru Records, a label established to be run by Afeni Shakur.
    May 29, 1998 Orlando Anderson is killed during a dispute at a Los Angeles car wash. Sportsbook
    November 24, 1998 2pac’s Greatest Hits, a double CD of greatest hits and 4 previously unreleased Tupac tracks, comes out on Death Row/Interscope/Amaru NFL betttingRecords. “please don’t use this 2pac history without asking me first