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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » oops mark zuckerberg; bust 2.0.

oops mark zuckerberg; bust 2.0.

Creative destruction begat innovation, nothing like a Bit of Schumpeter; May the 2.0 bust be quick, painless with a hockey stick recovery. Engadget on retail : ‘Perhaps it was a foregone conclusion - and the Black Friday body count was a rather ominous sign - but this holiday season, according to some poor sap interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, “retailers went from ‘Ho-ho‘ to ‘Uh-oh‘ to ‘Oh-no.’”‘ Now if US unemployment follows retail in the tank + goes to 12-15% in 2009 while Facebook miss their revenue numbers by a third, ouch via All Facebook : “Earlier this year Mark Zuckerberg estimated that revenues would be somewhere around $325 million for this year but eMarketer suggests that revenue will actually be closer to $210 million.

zucker needs some true revenue blood

Watching Dr Who for the first time. Well the new one, watched the old one madly as a kid. Tardis dis, S04_E14 BTW Dunc Riley thinks the key for 2009 is The Uber Blog, gotta get me one of those.

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