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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » renormalizing a denormalized new years eve day

renormalizing a denormalized new years eve day


So it’s New Years Eve, there is crew over in Portsea that I could visit. But with zero tolerance po-lice (been watching 2much The Wire) it could well be a vquite nite. I kinda miss the tear it up up life at these times, but in 24 hours I’ll be happy for the not tear it up ethos. Pity there is no Hulu Downunder Live New Years Eve streamz.

Alison Brady Artwork

So I’m reading Mr Feld (aagh a Brightkite investor too, neat - along with gnip too : following his ‘Glue’ thesis) on “Normalised data“/RDD (’renormalizing denormalized data‘) or having teh smartz not to show duplicates when u post an item to brightkite/facebook/twitter etc- “Theoretically, Brightkite, Twitter, and Facebook should know enough about each other not to repost the same thing in cases 2.1, 2.3, and 3 (recursive).  But I don’t think it’s going to do the right thing.  Let’s try and see how many tweets we get!  I’m guessing three. Nope – it only showed up once.”

Alison Brady Art

Interesting read over on Jezebel around the Not Rape Epidemic (original essay here) by TatianaAnonymouseModel : “Most models start working in their early teens. The youngest girl I’ve ever lived with in a model’s apartment, a girl who went to the same grown-up job castings our agency gave me, was 12 years old. (We were working a fashion week in a secondary market, and her show list was easily twice as long as mine and our 16-year-old roommate’s. The clients just loved the 5′11″ middle schooler; she gave her age as 14.) My first real modeling job was a photo shoot for a major European magazine — and when I got to the studio that day, I was greeted by the sight of a 17-year-old Russian, posing topless, smoking a Marlboro. She told me in broken English that she’d been working full-time for three years. I think I’d gone a week in Paris before I met an Arkansan, also 17, who’d dumped her boyfriend of several years to sleep with with a man old enough to be her father who happened to be the director of her (major, well-regarded) agency.

ana beatriz

Extra Links :

Doc Martin Shoes by Raf Simons : Docs need reinvention but need a matte not patent version.

2010 Camaro : Prefer friend’s 68 Camaro but heck id take a Camaro, why cant we buy these cars for $20Kish like Yanks. I really want the 370z tho.

Polish Architecture : Arch Daily is a must read architecture blog.

$167M : $50m less than David Fincher needed to turn Brad Pitt into the 12 year old actor digitally rather than by casting different folks at different ages, for Benjamin Button.

byebye stringer S03E12

OK that would be cawfee time, watchin The wire till 530am (had to see end of Series 3 for 2nd time) Plan what to do on NYE and check the twittersphere.

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