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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » go-getter yer own money.

go-getter yer own money.

Some Nice Uboat Matte Metal Flghtdeck MB Watch

Some Nice Uboat Matte Metal Flightdeck MB Watch

So it’s always a gr8 rule to treat whatever funded $ u spend as if they r yer own. Read how Tamara Mellon turned 150k pound loan into Jimmy Choo. (not to mention 1 of the upsides of rehab - “I had time to think, to assess what I wanted, and I came out and bought Jimmy Choo.”)

Go Getter Torrent Click Y'all 4 some Zooey.

Go Getter Torrent Click Y'all 4 some Zooey.

Via A VC :If I think about all the issues we’ve had on wall street over the past year (see Michael Lewis and Daniel Einhorn’s two part column for a great description of them), I think most of these issues have been caused by investors playing with other people’s money without enough of their own net worth at stake. Financial leverage is a good example of playing with other people’s money. You put up a tiny amount of your own money and you borrow the rest. If things don’t go your way, you write off the little you put up and the lender takes the bath. That’s been going on in the financial markets and the housing markets for the better part of ten years and we are now seeing the cost of that approach.”

10 Underrated Films of 2008 via Playlist

10 Underrated Films of 2008 via Playlist

Downloading for Tonite : The Go Getter, with Zooey Deschanel, following a Playlist (i totally agree with) on the Top 10 Underrated Films of 2008; “This road trip flick of personal discovery inspired by a parent’s death that starred Lou Taylor Pucci (the breakout star of “Thumbsucker”), Zooey Deschanel and indie-enthusiast Jena Malone was nowhere as “quirky” or twee as some suggested, though hardly anyone at all ever saw it at the time (now it has 20-some Rotten Tomatoes reviews, but at the time of it’s super-limited release there were maybe four reviews total). The film had some gorgeous, sun-stroked cinematography, some sharp, “hit the party late, leave early” writing and some charming dialogue and characters. Vastly underrated and we’d go toe-to-toe with it against any other supposed “indie-rock” films that are too precious for their own good.”

Click to get The Go-Getter which is What Im Watching 2nite.

Torrent Freaks Top Ten Pirated Bittorrent Films at Moment.


The Must Watch is The Wrestler and Gran Torino.

- The Wrestler : Mickey Rourke, Aronosfky directed etc Torrent ere. 8.5/10

- Gran Torino : Clint Eastwood directed this is a great creeping sledgehammer of a film; Very 2008 race/age/generational/change pic like Alan Ball’s Towelhead. Torrent ere. 8/10

- Body of Lies : Crowe, DiCaprio and even Vince…. Torrent ere. 7/10

- Vicky Cristina Barcelona : Scarlett + Penelope tongue action when developing photos in the darkroom, while there is Javier doin his thang. Its a cruisy watch. Good coz Woody Allen isnt in it. Torrent ere. 6.8/10

- Benjamin Button : Give David Fincher $170M and just for cinematography its great, altho id prefer Fight Club 2 (well um I guess u could watch Choke by same author- torrent) Torrent ere. 6.5/10

- Defiance : James Bond, um Daniel Craig doin his thang. Torrent ere. 5.5/10

Moleskine Limited Edition Diary 2009

Moleskine Limited Edition Diary 2009 via Moleskine Art, Flickr.

- Others : Se7ven Pounds with Will Smith is him playing a pretty depressed character, Rosario is good, watchable. Appaloosa is a Western only seen 5 minutes, looked C grade and I like Westerns. Similarly Behind Enemy Lines is some type of Swat film Ive seen ten minutes of.


OK I’m off to Balnarring Coffee and Moleskine to_dolist. Bonus Links for Today :

- Kanye’s Luis Vuitton Sneakers, they’re nice and white.

- The Maddeningly Dull Mad Men - not every1 loves it hehe.

- Paparazzi 2.0 - Like Brad and Gen, Obama lessens paparazzi stalking needs by supplying them photos preemptively, first day of school backpacks.

- Ghoulbaggery, hehe i luv this blog, “not to be confused with standard douchebaggery, is the product of Emobag and Gothbag cross-pollination by way of post-2005 “Affliction” name-brandification.”

- $7m Series B VC is nice if you can get - Xobni.

- Tom Cruise’s flick isn’t a dud, still cant get motivated to see even tho a Cams been up for over a week.

- Here’s the pad I’d like today in Brazil !

- Band of Outsiders for Sperry Topsiders, some loafers, and boat shoes without laces, noice.

- Nice sub $500 colourful 8.9 WinXP NetBook, where do u get netbooks in Australia, esp ones that u can hackintosh, any1 know:) ?

2009 Limited Edition Moleskine Full Page Diary Patent Red Cover

2009 Limited Edition Moleskine Full Page Diary Patent Red Cover via Moleskine Art, Fl

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