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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » I Don’t Like Monday’s Demons but S01_E01-2 r GR8

I Don’t Like Monday’s Demons but S01_E01-2 r GR8

Demons Premiere S01E01 Click.

Demons Premiere S01E01 Click.

It’s a I Don’t Like Mondays just like in the Geldof song (the Amos interpretation), each week of January more people return every Monday : “Tell me why. I don’t like Mondays. I want to shoot : The whole day down”, as I’m really lacking the duality of geek power + money peeps; Otherwise known as resources. Fk. Trying to turn a dime into a dollar as Hustle + Flow ripped from somewhere originally ? Ok now I’m clicking around YouTube… from the Amos cover to the one by Patti Smith.. I’m totally buying Patti Smith’s take on Smells like Teen Spirit, which was amazing live - thku:P - ‘hullo, hullo, hullo, with the lights out, it’s less dangerous…. i feel stupid + contagious….” Sometimes not being a computer programmer makes u absolutely fn powerless. (Segueway) Kinda like trying to catch supernatural evil beings which I watched last night, which after a too long family outing to Botanical Gardens I watched Demons : Skins Meets True Blood - Grab the torrents ere S01:E01+E02, which has the Life on Mars UK lead in it. Via Wikipedia :

Demons S01E02 Ep Well Worth a Download

Demons S01E02 Ep Well Worth a Download

“The plot follows the adventures of a London teenager Luke Rutherford, who learns that he is the last descendant of the Van Helsing line by the sudden arrival of his American godfather Rupert Galvin. Luke is charged with the role of smiting the gathering dark forces of the world whilst trying to live an ordinary life of exams and parties.[4] Rupert Galvin helps train Luke with the assistance of Mina Harker, a blind concert pianist and authority on half-lives (i.e., vampires, demons, zombies, and werewolves). Luke’s best friend Ruby also joins in on the action.[5] Luke’s first adversary is a dangerous vampire bounty hunter called Gladiolus Thrip. Thrip hates the Van Helsings and is determined to end the family line.[5]

Shooting angels. Wikipedia link for Demons

Shooting angels. Wikipedia link for Demons

There’s a good summary of the Demons backstory over at Times Online : “In Demons, he sports a nattier wardrobe and a slightly creepy American accent, but is still hefting a big gun and tossing insults at villains. Today, this feels like the coldest place on earth, and cast and crew are visibly envious of the warm suits of the actors playing the monsters.Fast-forward nine months, and the first episode is finished. Entitled They Bite, it is written by Peter Tabern, the series creator, who takes no risks by mashing up the pilot of Buffy with the not dissimilar introductory show of the revived Doctor Who. A teenager, Luke Rutherford (Christian Cooke), is studying for exams and going to parties, when his life is invaded by supernatural troublemakers - a CGI rat-human, hoodie werewolves and Mackenzie Crook as a vampire with a silly name (Gladiolus Thrip).”

Demons S01_E01 Monkey Thang.

Some Additional Links while I try and get my Technology in Order.

Some good teaser clips from Flight of the Conchords new season via The Watcher, Chicago Tribune which is a good feed to subscribe to that has nothing to do with Chicago + everything to do with good new TV :)

The Betaworks model is my favourite of the incubator/seed funders and what a track record they have. Would love to apply this model to the Australian market - $100K investments plus alot of brainstrust, roll sleeves up mentoring, sometimes office space, and working along side other smart people in keiretsu 2.0. If only some of the 8 and 9 figure internet success stories in Australia would reinvest in this type of way - which is structured but fluid enough to create the X_Factor.

In Treatment (interview), with the awesome Gabriel Byrne as a psychologist/psychotherapist shows supposedly 530pm weeknights on HBO in US for those with the dough. So u can grab ep by ep as I have, or do what Im in slow process of, which is grab Season 1 all 43 episodes all rar’ed up hehe. Over 9 gig with Melissa George, our Angel from Home Away making a threaded appearance (it follows multiple patients with multiple visits over time, with each ep being shot soley on the therapists couch in one room.) Supposedly it will only take another 13 days to download at current speed Im getting :) Also add Sepinwall blog as it’s a leading TV show “analyst” coz i dont like word critic. His reviews are the go to source for blogerati to discuss whether Dexter’s (um wife) sister is a weak actress and deconstructing sources mentioned in Mad Men like Atlas Shrugged.

Nice Monte Silo House pad via the worth a feed add; Contemporist.

Atlas Shrugged, WSJ Piece : well while we’re on that, which I have to read.. Wall Street Journal did a good overview piece on it.

Linds isn’t with Sam anymore, which has made her Sister happy as she’s getting more Pap time to her + Lindz. It’s all boots and skinnies. If however u prefer Revision 3’s vidlongish Silicon Valley over Hollywoods Supermarket Magazine on-off/rehab/weightgainloss girlgoss then check the Veronica Belmont photoshoot by the ubiquitous Buis Bros who keep a good blog of their latest, which hasnt hurt their aspirations 2b the goto photogs for Geek Belles needing some eportfolio high res .pngs. OK back to work for me. I need to create me some of that RSS stuff…

No More Linds + Sam, Mo Pap' time 4 Ali'Lo.
No More Linds + Sam, Mo Pap’ time 4 Ali’Lo. Source X17 Online. As Linds says on MySpace : “head games- that’s what the tabloids and pap’s play with everyone …. don’t they? everyone plays games, but it gets to the point sometimes when you just want to know why.. ”


Maybe u Prefer Veronica Belmont shot by the Buis Brothers - Click to see photoshoot : Over the newly single Lindsay.

Maybe u Prefer Veronica Belmont shot by the Buis Brothers - Click to see photoshoot : Over the newly single Lindsay.

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