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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » content is king, 2 AOL anyway, maybe.

content is king, 2 AOL anyway, maybe.

Watching 2nd ep of Lie To Me with Tim Roth!

While entrepreneurship may be an addiction as Betaworks aptly twitter, and I do have a Masters in Venture Capital/Entrepreneurship and do like working on the investing side (who wouldnt!) corporate strategy at the intersection of large media/entertainment/online companies, is always an attractive area 2spend yer time, in the way u can combine/divest/buy/sell/re-focus assets. I like the GigaOm content is king summary (in the same week AOL are shutting down WeblogsInc blogs that they wont sell back to Calacanis, who quit blogging - but seems to have started again with a big post on Internet Asperger’s Syndrome which nicely lays the blame on the internet/technology/websites etc for rich/people in control of operations being assholes- having worked for/around a few in my time), but seems to have enough user generated content channels to get his message out there:) So back to Gigaom and AOL :

Time Warner might be happier getting rid of everything except the content properties of AOL, which it could turn into the cornerstone of Time Warner’s digital strategy.. What Time Warner needs to do is combine MediaGlow, AOL Music, AOL Video, TMZ and AOL Entertainment. A smaller, more focused combined entity would play to Time Warner’s core strength: content. And by hiving off everything else, the company would also get some much-needed cash. As an amusing aside, I would like to point out that Time Warner had absorbed AOL’s access business into its financials — a smart move. I think it’s a business that despite declining throws off cash like crazy, most recently to the tune of over $700 million. And in these fiscally challenged times, as we have learned, cash is king.”

A Little Present, Watching this 2nite. Lie To Me S1E2

A Little Present, Watching this 2nite. Lie To Me S1E2. Click2watch

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