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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » the trifecta comes in

the trifecta comes in

Last Nites Viewing iMac Died 10 minutes in

The other day i mentioned a quinella of related negative events but as luck good or bad runs in three, I wasn’t sure what the third item would be, well it came in - my most important physical possession that being my work computer. Wont start, well it will start but not boot desktop. So its dead till fixed. But to recap the trifecta and let me vent, sorry this isn’t a pomo meets venture capital localisation 2.0 piece.  But within last 24 hours (poss majority of it literally caused by heatwave), the dentist wants $615 (half this week non-negotiable), watch dies ($1k replacement) but now where it hurts most my primary  work machine : the was top of line - 2.8 24″ imac that as usual is just out of warranty and wont boot - just a never booting grey or blue screen. So the bonus is I found my White Raybans, but other than that I need one of those homeless cards “Will Code for Food” - except i wouldnt be coding and i dont need food. So it would read more like “Will do business shit for questionable people to fix my stoopid fn imac + front tooth.There after all some people doing real creative work.

Woostercollective : “Today, after more than a year of planning, 2000 square meters of rooftops have been covered with photos of the eyes and faces of the women of Kibera. The material used is water resistant so that the photo itself will protect the fragile houses in the heavy rain season. The train that passes on this line through Kibera at least twice a day has also been covered with eyes from the women that live below it. With the eyes on the train, the bottom half of the their faces have be pasted on corrugated sheets on the slope that leads down from the tracks to the rooftops. The idea being that for the split second the train passes, their eyes will match their smiles and their faces will be complete.”

Now thats a Creative Project

So I’ve totally lost my humour as everytime I get ready to have a crack at “it” - Another “it” comes + fks the game up. It’s lucky no1 reads or comments on this blog, so I can just write whatever fkn crap i want. It ain’t got no bigger metapurpose. So the question is do I write down the phone number of DesignWyse where the machine was bought, which is closer in Dandenong, or go to Compnow Malvern which is normal repair spot? 45 minute drive each way vs 1 hour (so there will be at least 3 up to 4 hours of driving plus x hours/days of waiting plus X$ hundred just to look at, well first hour + parts yknow)

Or do I wait for a day I’m in Melbourne scouting for work, eg Friday this week and get repaired then.. even if I have second dentist appointment this Thursday (was all meant to be done yday except that turned into an exercise in them apologising 3 minutes in for not allowing enough time for the procedure + instead telling me how they were going to spend $615 - which the manboy younger than me lost in translation dentistdoctor isnt even man enough to do : they make blonde front desk (well upon my request) explain price as dentist says he doesnt do that bit.. which is silly as said blondes dont always do it better receptionist still needs to go off and talk to manboy dentist anyway coz she doesnt understand what needs to be done/how could she ?

Flickr Pic by JohannaHobbs

Suffice to say there is no better business to operate than one where they take $615 for in effect an xray followed by a few fillings spread over 3 meetings. oh, and u do get to temporarily wear these $6 hongkong tron sunglasses, for um i dunno - xray radiation, is that the standard now even in regional victoria ?

So if i dont fix computer first (likely using borrowed dentistry money or doubling up which i dont even think is possible so it may be either/or) and then dentist mouth/hip pocket r@pe$ moi Thursday - the outcome of all this BB mumbo jumbo is i may not ever have an intel osx o/s anytime soon unless it can be fixed for under $100 and by the sound the dvd player is making which it shouldn’t during bootup, which has only been used once and then died burning mad men (hence it may be source of trouble - i can already hear them say ‘out of warranty. dvd player/burner replacement hardware and installation $500′)

The irony, apart from the fact that the dvd player/burner didnt ever work, and i didnt bust it, and this seems very common on Apple computers, is i type this on the other desktop apple imac that started this quest 4 years ago - where for 10 years I had been employed earning $100k+ but then I get my first apple, the 1st gen 20″ imac powerpc.. not that it hasnt had its troubles : I havent had an apple that had a problem within first 12 months warranty nor have I had a apple that didnt have over $500 of problems after 12 months when there was no warranty; They r european sports before they were bought by automotive audiesque holding companies. Just in this case Apple hasnt been bought by a German Efficiency Borg, so they r still Maseratis in their 80’s manufacturing.

As normal my answer to this problem will be to go to cafe and chain. With said computer in car (or not), and the 2 computer service phone numbers jutted down in moleskine.. most sensible may be to take in tomorrow.. i cant tell u how annoying it was to be contented yday around 9pm after high cardio gym session, sore body but piece of mind to sit down to a couple gig of fresh torrentvault VIP thankingUmuchly4that viewage (nuthin like pullin down 4 hours of new viewing in under 30 mins while u r running)

Another Gr8 Capture on Flickr by JohannaHobbs

Another Gr8 Capture on Flickr by JohannaHobbs

- Being Human (excellent UK show about a vamp/wear/ghost that live together but want to be normal)

- Big Love (Season 3 is good, dont worry about Season 1 preconceptions, S2+3 r vgood)

- United States of Tara (Diablo Cody hasnt written anything bad yet) More ere.. from Vulture : “In these trying times, we’re all doing more with less. So it is on the new and interesting (in a good way, mostly) United States of Tara. As the ubiquitous ads declare, U.S. of T. is about “one woman; multiple personalities.” In other words: They’re milking Toni Colette’s awesome acting chops for as many roles as possible. The concept could have easily veered into territory described by one character as a “Lifetime lady tampon movie,” but thanks to the brash, female-sexuality-obsessed perspective of series creator and writer Diablo Cody, the show balances — nay, overcompensates — for any possible after-school-special parallels with, basically, bad words.and

- Flight of Conchords (3 eps into Season 2 and ep1 really sucked but Ep 2+3 absoluteley awesome.. so 1 was just an outlier… have no idea how any1 could prefer Entourage/How I met your Mother to Conchords)

Ydays workout

So i had my programming all ready, and then bang I’m watching the 4th potential wive on Big Love making out with her FkBuddy when Polygamist Bill and his 3rd wife rock up and catch her… but I dont know what happened after that… a total freeze, never to reboot successfully just a white screen with apple logo… into infinity which i watched for like 90 mins… and has since turned me stir crazy, angry. any1 who said money doesnt matter is fn crazy.

My Preferred Replacement Watch One Day.

My Preferred Replacement Watch One Day.

And to think this blog post was going to be along lines of me saying I agreed with/empathised with Chris Burden on how you get your news : “The news institution is merging its California section of state and local news with the rest of the paper, leaving less space for stories taking place in our own backyards. In other words, say goodbye to the very thing the LA Times can do better than anyone else—cover California. New media expert Jeff Jarvis once wrote that papers should “cover what they do best and link to the rest.” (insert mandatory journalist groans and eye rolls here.) But the man has a point.”

Now I know you are what u manifest and obvs I’m putting bad karmic energy out into the livesphere.. but I’d just like my computer back and fixed for under $100… well after I book it in, drive for 4 hours, u diagnose n fix it etc. Coz now I’ve got no Video Skype either… how could they make these old imacs without a camera…

Berlin Pics by Girlbug on Flickr.

Pushing Anarchy : Berlin Pics by Girlbug on Flickr.

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    You have at least one avid follower and occasional commenter, bro.

    Chin up! Time to prioritise. You've got one more Mac and 31 more teeth. Focus on the greatest pain first. As a great man once said, NO PRISONERS. Health would be my tip.