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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » Halfway to 70 Longroom Day + The End of Excess.

Halfway to 70 Longroom Day + The End of Excess.

Dad Enjoying his 2nd AFL Game in 40 Years!

Had a gr8 Halfway to Seventy Day yesterday, which was aptly spent watchin with The Father, the Dees perform a hell of alot better than last year, but unfortunately not havin enough left in the tank to compete in the last quarter.

Unfortunately 4 of those who couldnt come that might of had pretty fair and diverse excuses : One travelling the world; Another recovering from the 100km Oxfam walk, and another very tragically (still) in hospital with a broken eyesocket/cheekbone (our thoughts r with u) And finally it’s the last week of school term for one of my teaching brothers.. that was prob the weakest of excuses :)

How Often Can You Say Price of Beer Goes Down : MCC Long Room Schooner #1 of The Year = $6 ! Down from $6.80!

What was very exciting in the game is the new islander and aboriginal boys playing for the once Establishment MelbourneFC. One of them speaks multiple languages of his tribe(s) but barely knows English. The Collingwood Coterie funded his initial move to Victoria, but the Pies didnt pick him up, so thx Eddie - Playaz like Neville Jetta yday r already having a major impact on the team.

Neville Jetta was gr8 yday-reading afl debriefs with cawfee in rye. Austin wasnt even playing when he kicks a goal it is electric. Dees certainly looked better and more disciplined than last year, but couldnt forward convert or last the game out. We'll give a few teams a go if we can kick goals and not do silly turnovers around the backline.

The day was nicely bookmarked with some Thai in Hastings that when they said it was very spicy, they really meant very fkn hawt, the chillis so dispersed into the dish that the riesling took on another whole taste and made me crave milk. But thats just how thai should be yeh; Spring Rolls + Fish Cakes to boot.

The End of Excess : Is this Crisis Good for America by Kurt Andersen

TIME MAG PG 1 : But now everything really has changed. More than a year into the Great Recession, we still aren’t sure if there’s a bottom in sight, and six months after the financial system began imploding, it’s still iffy. The party is finally, definitely over. And the present decade, which we’ve never even agreed what to call — the 2000s? the aughts? — has acquired its permanent character as a historical pivot defined by the nightmares of 9/11 and the Panic of 2008-09. Those of us old enough to remember life before the 26-year-long spree began will probably spend the rest of our lives dealing with its consequences — in economics, foreign policy, culture, politics, the warp and woof of our daily lives. During the ’80s and ’90s, we were Wile E. Coyote racing heedlessly across the endless American landscape at maximum speed and then spent the beginning of the 21st century suspended in midair just past the end of the cliff; gravity reasserted itself, and we plummeted.”

Bits + Pieces of Polyvore Remixing

Bits + Pieces of Polyvore Remixing incl My #1 Desired Kix - The Common Projects Light Grey Safari Boot!

TIME MAG PG 2 : Our great national rehab won’t be easy. But it wasn’t only in olden times that Americans have coped with breathtaking flux and successfully undertaken dramatic change. In fact, we’ve just done it. During the era recently ended, we adapted to hundreds of TV channels and multiple phone companies and airlines that arise and disappear as fast as strip-mall stores. Women have come close to achieving real equality; being gay has become astoundingly public and unremarkable. And speaking of shaking off addictions, half again as many of us smoked cigarettes in the early ’80s. We watched (and helped) the Soviet Union and its European empire collapse and watched (and helped) China change from a backward, dangerous Orwellian nation into a booming, much less Orwellian member of the global order. During just the past 15 years, we’ve managed to reduce murders in New York City by two-thirds; grown accustomed to the weird transparency and instant connectedness of the new digital world; sequenced the human genome; and inaugurated a black President. That’s change.”

Regular Point Leo Run a Few Days Ago : They Need a Wearable SuperSmall DSLR with Wifi coz imagine how good this shot could be if not shot from a Blackberry Curve 2megapixel cameraphone!

TIME MAG PG 3 : Although certain self-parodying epiphenomena of the Age of Profligacy — so long, Paris Hilton! — are about to disappear, fun will endure. Hollywood is doing fantastic box-office business, thanks to insanely unserious movies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Madea Goes to Jail. The Colbert Report has been a special haven of sanity amid the sky-is-falling hysteria. And again, history is encouraging in this regard: Saturday Night Live and modern comedy were born during the malaise-y ’70s, just as wit and humor — the New Yorker, the Marx Brothers, screwball comedy — flourished in the ’30s. I’m even hopeful that the meltdown and resulting reset might jar the culture in deeper ways. For three decades, too much of art and design and entertainment has seemed caught in a cul-de-sac, almost compulsively reviving styles and remixing the greatest hits of the past. (Think: post-Modern architecture, pop music based on sampling, ’60s-style shift dresses, pseudo-midcentury home décor.) Since we’re now finished with a 25- or 30-year-long era in both politics and economics, maybe a new cultural epoch will emerge as well. Maybe more of the next big things will be actually, thrillingly new.

Breaking Bad S02E04 HDTV XviD-0TV

Aired: Sunday March 29, 2009
Walt attempts to reconnect with his family, while Jesse struggles to rebuild his life.


Links:, TVRage, Homepage
Download: XViD,

Breaking Bad, “Down”: Lies and the lying liars who tell them

Sepinwall the best TV reviewer out there.. I read these after I watch the ep : “… Spoilers for episode four of “Breaking Bad” season two coming up just as soon as I signal for a left-hand turn… oh and btw what are moon pies ?

i just threw away two uneaten moon pies and stepped away from the trash can

“.. thus officially ending the great moon pie binge of 2009.”

Best Value Black Skinny Waxed Jeans for $200AUD from the awesome Seattle retailer Blackbird:Blackbird’s first jean is named for the former resident of our Ballard location. The Sunset Hotel lodged transient sailors, heroin addicts and prostitutes for a daily rate. In May of 2000, the hotel burned to the ground and then was rebuilt in 2005 by the Olson family. The jeans are black Cone denim from North Carolina with a matte black wax finish. You will find no details on these jeans other than the four BLACKBIRD etched rivets in the front pockets and a speaker symbol on the buttons. These jeans are cut slim straight, run true-to-size and fit nearly anyone. You can wear them loose or tight, and the lengths are generous but not outrageous. They will stretch about a half size so SIZE DOWN. Quantities are limited.”

Blackbird Sunset Hotel Jean

United States of Tara S01E12 XviD-aAF

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aAF have just released the latest episode of United States of Tara. Another twisted comedy about the unexpected nature of American families, this single-camera Showtime offering examines a wife and mother of two teens who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which means she suffers from multiple personalities. Coping with it all is never easy, but it’s always funny.

Air date: Sunday March 29, 2009
Tara checks into a facility specializing in her disorder. At the facility, she is forced to look back at the memories that she has so long forgotten of her past.

Links: Homepage -

XviD  | MP3 VBR | 233MB
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United States of Tara, “Snow”: In treatment

Mo’Sepinwall : “..Spoilers for the penultimate episode of “United States of Tara” season one coming up just as soon as I make someone my special lady…”

“But it’s doable, right? We can fix this?” -Max
“It’s not like a 10-minute dry cleaner’s, Max.” -Tara

Sneaker Freaker : “To celebrate their 20th anniversary in hip hop, the tour will be accompanied by the release of a limited edition 6 track EP, produced in co-operation with Nike - peep the video here. Add to that an incredibly killer line up of international and local supports from Cut Chemist, J.Period, Mugen, Gsan to name a few, it’s time to ‘ring ring ring’ and secure your ticket today!”


Thurs 30th April + Fri 1st May
Esplanade Hotel
11 The Esplanade
St Kilda

Tickets available from - Espy Bottleshop (address above), Oztix (April 30th here, May 1st here), Missing Link, Polyester, Northside.

Umair in Harvard Business School  :Welcome to Looting 2.0. What does that financial system look like? In it, everything is a hedge fund. The Geithner economy is Milton Friedman’s revenge from beyond the grave: it is one that puts the allocation of public resources in a very small number of almost totally hidden private hands. The Geithnerconomy is a kind of financial Frankenstein: run by hedge funds, leveraged by the public, whose interests overlap by only 20%. The problem of toxic incentives hasn’t gone away: in fact, the Geithner plan institutionalizes and explodes it, like a biological weapon infecting an entire country. The Web’s Hottest Property

“.. Nearly 30 million monthly uniques according to Quantcast - placing as the 26th biggest website. The 30m uniques represents 10x growth since January 1st..”

Cash is Not King

runway = cash on hand / burn rate

# iterations = runway / speed of each iteration

The Winter Planned Kix, Saving, Saving - Common Projects Safari Light Grey Boot

TIME MAG PG 4 : “The next new America that hatches will not be some bizarro world opposite of everything that came just before. History proceeds dialectically. The New Deal era ended, but its basic social and economic underpinnings have endured. Notwithstanding the backlash against the 1960s, the changes born of that decade’s sharp left turn — civil rights, feminism, gay rights, environmentalism, sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll — became part of the American way of life. In the same way, even as we now rediscover the need for sensible regulation and systemic fairness, the fundamentally good lessons of the Reagan age — entrepreneurialism mostly unbound, proud Americanism — will endure. The babies will not be thrown out with the bathwater.. We are in a state of shock. In a matter of months, half the value of the stock market and more than half of Wall Street’s corporate pillars have disappeared, along with several million jobs. Venerable corporate enterprises are teetering. But as we gasp in terror at our half glass of water, we really can — must — come to see it as half full as well as half empty. Now that we’re accustomed to the unthinkable suddenly becoming not just thinkable but actual, we ought to be able to think the unthinkable on the upside, as America plots its reconstruction and reinvention.”

2 hours ago - - Comment - More

“.. And sadly, it may well come to that. VC has not proven that it can scale as an asset class since the mid 90s. The vast amount of money that has come into the sector from public pension funds in the past fifteen to twenty years has not been put to work very well and returns for the asset class as a whole have come down.”

Kings S01E04 720p HDTV x264-CTU

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After some time of no show of standard rip for tonigh’t “Kings”, CTU just released the 720p rip first.

EP 1.4 First Night

Tempers flare as King Silas leaves Queen Rose’s first royal ballet event, so he can tend to his sick secret illegitimate son. Jack and Rose try to make David look to be evil in front of everyone.


x264 | AC3 5.1 | 1.09GB
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more at

Mark Cuban’s NBA Twitter Bill: $510 a word via Hacker News

It’s always nice to be home in one piece… and clear vision.. as thoughts go out to Cuz - now more than ever, gotta get u back2 photog’ing + painting the Mornington Peninsula/Flinders Pier Portraits Exhibition for June 09.


Hipster Runoff : “I have not podcasted in a while. Then I got really vulnerable, and started thinking about relationships. Kinda weird how we’re all humans, and we ‘want love’ and ‘want to feel valuable 2…”

    Just Round the Corner of above pic, Point Leo Boat Club Haz Gold Reflections if Not Many Boatz

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