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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » mo’ low_res #rafw ‘bluralism’ less high_res fuddyduddy snail_mail.

mo’ low_res #rafw ‘bluralism’ less high_res fuddyduddy snail_mail.

Imagine this post as 800 words of pure insight but fn firefox just ate my browser and didnt retain one of the 800 words, they must have sucked that much. The awesome pics btw are from Blacklodge on Flickr - from pieces that just went up around Northcote, Separation street, schweet. The bulletpoints for the post before it was eaten went along the lines of :

1. Newspapers are dying even quicker than expected. A higher percentage than expected will shift to online only versions, and of these more than thought will not be able to bridge the revenue gap with even less costs. Warren Buffett will not bail out.

2. MSM Atrophy is making for concerned employees, not understanding what is happening.

3. #RAFW was the closest equivalent Australia has had to a Twitter SXSW like event. Much more so than any web 2.0, enterprise 2.0 or journalists vs bloggers.

4. You have to read @pattyhuntington’s piece on #RAFW + moblogged runway realtime media.

5. @pattyhuntington should direct her “bluralism” critics to and specifically Fred Wilson (twitter+ previously feedburner, delicious, flickr, geocities, etsy, etc investor) His concept of “Convenience beats quality” which he has been blogging about since 2004 (that is how far behind australian critics are) in relation to camera phone pictures and videos being posted realtime to web trumping delayed high res megapixel’ camera/video pictures.

6.#RAFW is just the start. Last nite Ch10 5pm news and other media used celebrities Logies twitters (about host Gretel) and made a news story out of them. It will become more and more meta as MSM media - TV down - will feed off twitter streams, hashtags and messages.

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