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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » The System Predicts 1-Point Winner: The Rock Dogs AKA Satans RocknRoll Demons get up, now2 Diversify the Game Theory

The System Predicts 1-Point Winner: The Rock Dogs AKA Satans RocknRoll Demons get up, now2 Diversify the Game Theory

I may have blogged late last week that my day job is supercharging Google Reader as an Enterprise Social Media (Almost) Real Time Brand Tracking, Fair Use UGC Content Syndicating, Hands-On Conversational Marketing Freemium Tool, but The appeared Flippant post about The System, has gained far more interest. And as predicted The System predicted The Winner. Rock Dogs AKA Satans RocknRoll Demons won by One Point !

Source : Rosewal on Flickr with a gr8 set of Community Cup pix. Click thru to view.

Now The Community Cup one year on at Junction Oval, one year off, held at Elsternwick Park yesterday, may have required once Caulfield Grammarian + Point Leo surfer Rupert Betheras to add some zing to the Rockdawgs midfield, and get across the line by the smallest of margins.

Community Cup Winner Predicted by The System

But The System already knew this, just as it did that Optus would charge for iPhone 3GS tethering + Daniel Faraday was assured his #Lost mother would kill him in a time shifted determinist inevitability. BTW: I’m grokkin the potentially juicy telemovie in the Rene Rivkin/Gordon Wood/Caroline Byrne 3way murder/coverup/almost got away with it elevator pitch / green lit / in development picture. However : The System had to rebooted from the past after learning that The Wire has only just been picked up by Channel 9 for showing of the Last Season - S5, on the network. That’s some corrupt data aiiight.

Community Cup Tweets

Reboots n’all, with The System up and running, I’m thinking of diversifying the Game Theory into other arenas; Maybe Commodore 64 vs iPhone 3GS ? Or possibly the ending of films… Watching a good quality cam version last night, of the heavily estrogen targeted counterpart of testosterone The Hangover’s cinemaplexes’romcom’friendly’ flick The Proposal, SPOILERS AHEAD : twasn’t hard to pick the sequence of boy gets told by grrl; who then gets untold; then boy gets grrl - all expectedly ends happily after 99 minutes apart from for the Immigration Officer.

Kitsune X Pierre Hardy

Even with The System, u will still probably have to interact with people to some degree. It’s not Perfect, yet! And u may as well look good if ur working The System. Say u krazily have to be at a meeting in The City by 9am on a Monday… or any weekday.. Try Gucci. Or Armani or the bit more street; John Richmond. Maybe Balmain. Possibly Burberry will do it for you. Me I just need my Supra TK Society in Patent Grey to arrive any moment/day now. Just like these, Please Mr.Postman !

Source for this + below from da'awesome The Bad Seed, Melbourne Graffiti Pool Flickr.

Now I don’t want The System to end up in the wrong hands; Burton’s Alice in Wonderland looks beautiful but could be a scary place. Ditto True Blood episode 2 tonite! Tho imagine all the good it could do if harnessed.. As Umair says in his latest post in Harvard Business Review;

“… Here’s what you’re up against: the new economics of organization.

You command and control. The opposition self-organizes.

Your advantage is force. The opposition’s is resilience.

You had a strategy - to maintain power. The opposition has a purpose - to change the world.

You divide and conquer. The opposition links and unifies.

You wield thin power - violence. The opposition wields thick power - belief.

If one voice can change a room - then it can change the world.

What does that really mean?

There is nothing more asymmetrical than an ideal. In the right hands, an ideal is a weapon more potent than any club, gun, or bomb. It can turn a two nerdy computer science PhDs at Stanford into corporate titans. It can turn an unknown junior senator into the President of the United States.

And it can, just maybe, turn an inconsequential 140 character messaging service into a tool that helps revolutionize a state.

The opposition has many ideals: liberty, equality, justice, hope.

Where are yours? That’s the dilemma you face…”

Elwoodite Thomas Dot Org Captured the Community Cup Pom Pom Grrls Perfectly. There was definitely a high(er) VB Drinking : PomPom Action happening... but the crowd loved it!

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