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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » Wouldn’t it Be Gr8 If there was a Real_Time_Web Industry Downunder?

Wouldn’t it Be Gr8 If there was a Real_Time_Web Industry Downunder?

Working in the online industry while being in Australia is always better (as i get older) done as an extension of dealing with True Technology Hub Cities rather than trying to get things done within (sorry to insult the mentally challenged) retarded Aussie market; I’d much rather - well actually I wouldn’t - but it’s better for my sanity to deal with a City of People that are Chasing rather than Protecting It.

The Archetypal_Proto:Typical example is San Francisco, but (sometimes smaller is better + creates more connection / better buzz) also the passion hubs where innovation, education, entrepreneurs and no strings high-IQ capital proliferate are especially interesting and productive. This week I’ve been collaborating with Colorado and it’s all Can Do and (Just Unprompted with a real smile) Do. Where Companies with 11 people who focus on making and growing The New New Thing.

Downunder, it’s an Old Old Garage Sale - Will Kerry + jilted Stokes son buy up James Packer Foxtel stake ? (or Telstra be forced to sell it via the government) - is an example of a current story. Not to mention the hubris of a $43Billion SuperHighway build out by the government - potentially in competition with the industry. Or collaboration. Or as part of a breakup and reallocation of assets. Who knows ? There will be committees, tenders and activity in Micro-Washington Canberra : All while the internet gets slower relative to the world : And alot more expensive than our peers. Not to mention the prohibitive contracts.

The government doesnt’ want to help the battler get a fairer price/speed/contract from the nation’s leading ISP with dominant market power - nor mandate the ACCC competitive body to do so (who seemed more keen to settle turf wars with a now dead football scion paper industry billionaire) Nup, the government wants to jump straight to being the fastest internet in the world ! Who cares if it takes a change of government and a decade plus change.

So instead of sending out $900 cheques and putting the price of smokes to $20 and a 6pack of smirnoff up 35% - why doesnt the government make internet cheaper ? And provide consumers with ability for Fast Transfer between carriers without prohibitive 6-12-24 month contracts ? And dont let the partially publicly owned monopolist ISP charge AKA Bigpond charging $150 PER GIG without direct consent from the consumer when they go over the woefully too small accounts - It is ridiculous that the biggest ISP plan by Bigpond and many other telcos is 60 gig - or well under 1/3rd of a typical US plan + and then charge $150 per gig - even though the internet I type this post on uses the same Telstra back end but 200 gig costs $139 per month or 70 cents per gig. Yup - Telstra charge $150 per gig for excess use (often without consumer knowing let alone actually click consenting nor can u just buy topups/datablocks to avoid this charge) versus 70 cents (which goes all the way up to $4 per gig - or Internode’s more reasonable $1.50 per gig Datablocks) Bigpond - let google index this and warn off another customer.

But the irony is alot of Australian business wouldn’t care if they lost a customer. It’s the ugly side of the laidback dont give a toss Aussie, who really couldnt give a fk if they lose a customer. Which means u never really fight enough in the first place.

And it certainly means it’s not like Colorado. Where alot of the fire power and infrastucture of Web 2.0 came from ala Brad Feld backing Newsgator, Technorati, Feedburner, and later Gnip, Techstars, Lijit, Filtrbox and many many others (with many other investors too…. it’s just one higher profile example in a sector that’s mypassion) - Web 2.0 must have been dead by 2006/7 in Colorado - with the rise of the Implicit Web / 3.0 / Semantic technologies or Glue Companies as the MIT Marathoner dubs’em.

So I’ve only got 35 minutes to meet a twitter sea change user at my local cafe, so I better actually get to the 2 links that got me to write this post about Australia being behind the Internet Industry’s real current issues (and also consume Matt Cutts Google indexing posts, presentations and video that says to effect google used to update its index yearly, then bi-annual, monthly weekly to… well I twittered a product yesterday then I did a Google search trying to find where to buy it and my Tweet about product I’d just made was a top 10 search result, wow) :

1. Real Time Search : What is Real Time Search ? Definition and Players by Danny_S

Extract :There seems to be no end to companies saying they offer real time search these days. And no end to people quoting how Google itself says it wants to improve in the area. But what does real time search really mean? For me, “real time search” means looking through material that literally is published in real time. In other words, material where there’s practically no delay between composition and publishing. You take a picture and seconds later, it’s posted to the world to see. You think of something, immediately tap it out on Twitter, and your tweet is shared almost as soon as you thought of it.. How about the fact that Google can return “fresh” content sometimes within minutes of that material first being published. Yes, Google does this. But the material itself wasn’t published in real time, nor does it make Google into a real time search engine. That blog post or web page or news article took time to compose between the original thought and the actual publishing event. It didn’t go out in real time.. Twitter said last year that only four companies were getting the firehose data. One partner they purchased, Summize — which is now Twitter Search. FriendFeed was only getting it for a subset of Twitterers who also use FriendFeed. It’s unclear if Zappos really got the entire thing or still gets it. Twittervision might still get it, but I suspect they’re now using the Twitter API. It’s unclear who, if anyone, is still getting it.. The Twitter API allows partners to conduct searches at Twitter automatically, to bring back data to someone based on those they’re following or tap into Twitter data in other ways. However, the API limits how much data can be requested and does not give access to everything Twitter has stored.. The major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo want the firehose data. Twitter’s been talking to them, but no agreements have been reached. This seems less to do with any technical issues and far more to do with financial ones. If Twitter gives Google its firehose, it loses a unique feature, that of Twitter Search as the only service with the ability to search all tweets (when Twitter Search actually works right, more on that in a bit). Access to the Twitter firehose won’t come at a cheap price..”

2. The Micro-Blog Real Time Firehose : Speeding Up RSS by Eric_S @ Techcrunch

Extract :RSS Feeds are too slow.. Tomorrow, at our Real Time Stream CrunchUp, we will see three demos of projects that do just that in slightly different ways.

(1) Google engineers Brad Fitzpatrick and Brett Slatkin will show a demo of a new push protocol called pubsubhubub, Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini will demo his similar RSS Instant Update Hub, and WordPress engineer Andy Skelton will show off a Jabber client which uses the XMPP protocol to push blog headlines into an IM-like environment faster than RSS.. The pubsubhubub and Netvibes technologies create RSS hubs, which push out feeds as soon as they are available. This approach is in contrast to the polling method which is the foundation of RSS. The polling method sucks because it requires the server acting on behalf of the RSS subscriber to constantly ping the server where the RSS feed is published to ask if there is anything new yet..

(2) Netvibes is creating its own proprietary version of this for its own service, which it is developing independently. It is called the RSS Instant Update Hub.. The Instant Update Hub will cache and push feeds automatically so that the widgets load faster and they update continuously without requiring a refresh. Any data stream that is supported by a Netvibes widget today, which goes well beyond RSS, will be pushed through the Instant Update Hub.

(3) The WordPress Jabber client uses a different push technology, XMPP, to speed up RSS. The effect is that headlines pop up like instant messages. Jabber is mostly used for IM clients such as Gtalk, but Wordpress is using it as a feed reader and micro-blog publisher..” Oh the RVCA puffer hoodie thing below would go with my TK + Adi-Diesels yeh ?;)

If any1 can point me to any Australian company, people or developers doing “REAL TIME” as per Danny Sullivan’s definition above.. that’d be awesome…

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