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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » The Formula: round((1/3*(twitter_followers/10)^0.5)*(twitter_followers/twitter_friends)*10))

The Formula: round((1/3*(twitter_followers/10)^0.5)*(twitter_followers/twitter_friends)*10))

Dromana Estate Cafe 2day for Ma's bday, yum Calamari

Dromana Estate Cafe 2day for Ma's bday, yum Calamari.....

It’s a cold Sunday morning outside, but heating, doonah and naughty doggies + princesses inside. And the $64k question has been answered on The Hype Machine Blog about The Marketing Formula that will reveal all. The supercode for crackers needing an algorithm for scoring Influentials thx2 The HypeMachine founders who used The Formula to create Twitter Music Charts - You will never have to work again after applying The Formula to your client’s brand / next door neighbour’s widget :

The Formula : “round(( 1/3 * (twitter_followers / 10) ^ 0.5 ) * (twitter_followers / twitter_friends) * 10))”

This is the Hype Machine background on the formula (it can be applied to alot of verticals, websites and brands trying 2find the right customer, have a read of Fred Wilson on the formula) : “We monitor Twitter for links pointing to tracks on the Hype Machine.  We then give each of those tweets a number of points based on the number of followers (and the ratio of friends & followers) that person has. Finally, we add up all the points and figure out which tracks are tweeted by either the most influential twitter users, or by the largest group.  Simple.”

Now after watching Rye beat top of ladder up market influentials neighbour Sorrento yesterday, it’s as mentioned above my Ma’s bday at Dromana Estate 2day (google do index local business well - if u click on that link for the winery/restaurant - + sensis should be worried.. altho i’m sure Greg Ellis can turn it around nicely… get google to drive free to traffic to paid property listings.. anyway back2 dromana estate consumer reviews) -

nom nom calamari $17 at dromana estatedromana estate map + link to official site

Fresh, delicious and beautifully presented food. Friendly and helpful service. Great wines with knowledgeable recommendations.” (also very very well priced / relaxed / in the know without trying2be hip for mornington peninsula types not wanting an overpriced 5 star tourist experience - best calamari ive ever had + for $17.. or $6 soups + $12-$15 lunch mains)… Just a pity my car and blackberry are not really working… alot of the time. Wish there was a formula to fix that.. or a low kms 2nd hand Japanese spider (would need the 04 350Z Spider powerndesign not the folding hardtop 07 mx5 - not that there’s anything wrong with that….) Did I mention the not brought in from anywhere Red Hill Pantry Chicken and Leek Pie.. the blackberry pic doesnt do it justice :)!

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