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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » Social Media Monitoring Needs To Be Hyperlocal, As Well.

Social Media Monitoring Needs To Be Hyperlocal, As Well.

Google Australia Blog : “The fastest rising searches conducted on during 2009 to date are forswine flu’ (1) and ‘susan boyle’ (2), and home-grown TV show ‘masterchef’ made number three, after awakening the foodie within all of us. Aussies also headed online to understand their eligibility for the Government’s ‘stimulus package’ (4); follow Roger Federer’s effort to match Pete Sampras’s grand slam record at ‘wimbledon’ (5); and better understand technology phenomenontwitter’ (6).”

Quick Break from Work Programming as I wait for Technical Fixes from a Trusted Party in Another Beautiful Country : So Shapelle Corby, serving 20 years in Bali for a boogie board of some1’s ganja, is in a very fragile mental state according to her mother. She hasn’t yet heard back from the Denpasar Prison Boss whether she will be able to setup her beauty therapy business within those mentally challenging walls. Gartner’s graph concurs with the Shapelle rollercoaster yet I imagine they would encourage her to hold’em dont’fold em as the graph goes’a'moving_on_up after a dip. I particularly like their transition from “Peak of Inflated Expectations” to “Trough of Disillusionment” to “Slope of Enlightenment” + the ultimate arrival @ “Plateau of Productivity.”

So working from Australia isn’t exactly as extreme as Shapelle’s case but the rollercoaster of trying to fight the fair fight in a location whose market is tens of times smaller than bigger ones; Where market power is concentrated in the same way Google controls search; And rather than in Digitally Native Centres or Hot Passion Hubs, where it seems nearly everyone is an eWorker on the next kewl thang. Check Brad Feld whose Colorado community is a shining example. Some example 2009 posts from Brad in last quarter - Transforming Colorado IT Services, Vancouver Entrepreneurial Energy, Maturing of Implicit Web + Entrepreneurial Communities;

Brad Feld : “I’ve been adamant that Colorado’s goal should never be “to be like Silicon Valley”, but instead we should listen and learn what works here and figure out how to apply some of the chocolaty goodness while avoiding all the traffic jams. I believe that the future of most economic development and growth comes from entrepreneurship.  Plus, it’s a ton of fun.”

Here, when u do encounter a forward looking, willing to innovate party - u then face operational battles to execute successfully : Big picture ones such as lack of engineering talent skilled in the right areas; And when u find the brains, attracting capital to fund the engineering is relatively a joke worse than the real bubbling innovation cauldrons.

Then if u get capital or clients willing to spend money on “It” - In fact this whole post was triggered by the excellent post by Jeremy Owyang on Social Media Monitoring approaches and budgets in the US :

Appropriately Staff and Fund. Don’t expect this partner to understand the nuances of your markets’ discussion, assign a few part time resources internally to champion this audit internally –and don’t forget to budget. I’ve seen many annual pricing proposals at the 100k range –varying on services and number of keywords used.”

The reality is in Australia $100K Social Media Monitoring or even marketing related budgets arent there - So Hackerstyle U need to often forcefit technology parts that were built with a one size fits all characteristic. Cue my favourite topic of Localisation of Web Services.

Localisation is an argument I wouldn’t try and convince an Australian investor to buy into again. It only ends one way, and that is with Chapelle rocking on the ground, staring into space, counting down the next 15 years, even though the average life expectancy in her current home is 75% of her committed sentence there; 15 years.

While half or the majority of Google’s revenue now comes from outside North America (and there is actually global google product development done in Sydney for Google Maps and some holistic search features) - market leaders from multibillion market capped multihundred million users Facebook - doesnt have a local team or executive (is that still true ?) downunder (MySpace/Fox Interactive even with downscaling do) Nor does the new early adopting black every1’s fave 140 character txt - Twitter - The #6 most searched for safe term on - Australia’s localised largest search engine.

And when it comes to the space I’m spending the greater part of my time : Social Media Monitoring, Intelligence, Syndication and Conversational Marketing - some of the larger players have sales affiliates and representatives. Some even probably have a fulltime body or two.

Where it gets interesting, as I’m spending alot of time with overseas leaders in the front end tools of Social Media Monitoring space - is that the Social Media Index of content needed - is still largely drawn from Australian consumers blogs, flickr account, youtube videos and twitter messages. As well as the large well known media institutions ala Fairfax + News Ltd Major Mastheads, Telstra/Bigpond and Sensis/Yellow, Kerry Stokes Yahoo7, ABC with TripleJ, Austereo + DMG Radio with their celebrities like Hamish and Andy and the podcasts and so on.

And this is just Australia. The same issue applies for the UK, Asia, Germany, Spain.. name a continent / region / country / state / suburb. Just as consumers live, buy, communicate within a 45 minute drive from their home - So too is advertising and marketing still a largely regional thing. Cars may be made in Germany and Geelong, and while with BMW you may be able to track online your car from manufacture to the docks to delivery - The Relationship marketing and viral tactics to get u to upgrade to the new Z4 or X6 was done at a local level.

So that’s where I’m at today, trying to separate Signal from Noise so that no important client related tweets are algorithmically missed - While also trying to provide a dashboard of local near realtime insights about target consumers in this local geography.

So luckily over 2005-9 there has been alot of funding of the 2nd phase of RSS - around tools that deduplicate the same match of a client’s name on blogs or retweeted - You can generate really kewl graphs and charts within a few clicks into a PDF report, Excel chart or HTML. It is now easy to filter content by whether it is Good, Bad, Average or Great,

But ask it to show you Australian or English consumer or sensibility... that does not yet compute. Which is why it’s so interesting; Unless u have 15 years left to serve.. but a life expectancy of 10. OK back to work… enough 2.0 gallows humour.

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