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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » #NOCLEANFEED : Leave the Country or Take yer Internet Usage Downunder*

#NOCLEANFEED : Leave the Country or Take yer Internet Usage Downunder*

Click to see Twitter #NOCLEANFEED its goin'krazee

Click to see Twitter #NOCLEANFEED its goin'krazee

“What they are trying to achieve are great ‘pre-times.’ ‘Pre-time’ is a term used to describe how long it takes for a private tracker to make available a Scene release after it has been released (pre’d) on Scene topsites. The shorter the pre-time, the bigger the bragging rights, with the ultimate aim of the site winning the ‘race.’” That’s what it’s all about when it comes to bit-torrent and the only way2 get yer daily entertainment - private trackers via the awesome TorrentFreak

yup thats the truth.

BTW : Maybe u will find an invite or torrent tracker (none of which r probably on the government’s naughty banned list) to join’ere if u r alone (with yer internet usage downunder) and scared, altho downunder it is National Censorship Day so watch out for Big Brother (have that anonymous IP filtering happening)… What’s this got to do with #NOCLEANFEED debate ? Well everything and nothing. I actually started writing post before #NOCLEANFEED went mental.. but let’s assume that opening paragraph i wrote - that no1 in government… has (ANY OR no  FN idea) what it means.. well : it’s the where the leading edge of bittorrent is…. and thus an area government should understand if they want to curtain and manage the dodgysbut instead they will happily ignore.. so they can filter non-offensive “Sperm Whales”, which is part of the 2.5% which falls into their filtering algorithm for a #CLEANFEED. For summary, check inquistr.

I prefer the fake conroy!

I’ll go back a step and grab a couple of paras from the Tfreak article if u aint in on the whole private torrent tracker thing (mine went down for a fortnight… and um lets say my internet bill went up by $100 that month and my wasted time per day was 2 hours more and i missed key episodes when the rest of the world watched’em) “For many in the BitTorrent community, private sites are where the real action can be found+

rudd should put his own position directly.

Private BitTorrent trackers are usually much smaller than public trackers. More commonly ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 members (but some with many tens of thousands), these sites are often accessible by invite only, meaning that prospective users need to have direct contact with someone who is already a member. Private sites commonly operate a ratio-based system where users are expected to upload around the same amount of data as they download, to ensure that the tracker’s ‘economy’ stays healthy. Some sites experiment with different methods of achieving the same ends, but whatever the technique the result is often more users ’seeding’ than can be commonly found on similar torrents on public trackers, resulting in higher speeds and shorter download times.

Click for report in link... the government have no idea how hard "filtering" of any type is...

Luckily the really smart Rudd Labor government… who arbitrarily put the price of Smirnoff Black Vodka 6 packs from approx $19.99 to $32.99 - as a supposed way to reduce teen drinking, but really as tax raising… well ppl said to me ‘who cares about yer smirnoff’ - “They r fascists… it starts with the vodka.. then before long they r filtering the internet…”

contact yer political member, click link in tweet for how.

Luckily so far they havent figured out how to apply the filter to torrents. Seriously. Rudd gets in on the whole “i get youth / the new age / media…. but now i’ll say nothing… displace it all onto conroy and his fake alter-ego.. and be in stripper denial hoping it goes away…”

click 2 read what Electronic Frontiers Foundation of Australia with a funky name r sayin y'all.

If I was thinking about leaving the country... this only confirms it… Seems it’s keeping quite a few people from returning too.. from the little #nocleanfeed tweets (which has globally hit top trending topics on twitter that is how major it is!) i saw before gym ;) Maybe I’ll coincide my exit with the start in 2011, altho the writing seems on the wall.. it’s not like the internet is supercheap n fast n reliable ere anyway… and as for industry… well if u can fk up the everyday internet right up there with China.. (who u aspire to be governmentalwise) then u can imagine what their industry support is like…  altho at least in Macau if the bank accidentally transfers $10m to you… and u abscond from New Zealand with it... u dont have to it give it back..

yup fascist or communist or both.

* When I came up with the MTUB acronym : Melbourne Twitter Underground Brigade - I sort of had a Cave Clan ethos I remembered as a teenager at Melbourne High that was surrounded opposite and under (incl exits on Chapel St + Toorak Rd hehe) the underground tunnels. But the Rudd r they fascist or communist or both fake or real conroy mob… r gonna make this go underground for real. Luckily my private bittorrent tracker already makes anonymous my IP when downloading my 100 gig of entertainment a month as we have a government owned television monopoly / oligogoply / monopoly - So now the internet will go downunder.. and it will be like the Blues Brothers...

bye bye free internet.
Jake: [fakes accent] How much for the little girl? How much for the women?
Father: What?
Jake: Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters… sell them to me. Sell me your children.

no more #dexter on the internet as even tho it's on tv networks in australia - it doesnt depict childhood in a way suitable to the positioning of the ALP

no more #dexter on the internet as even tho it's on tv networks in australia - it doesnt depict childhood in a way suitable to the positioning of the ALP

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