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Tara Reid Diggs Digg

boob job tara
Originally uploaded by redbarren.

What’s the worst thing about Digg? What would you eliminate, what would you revamp, and what would you tweak?” My Recommendation : Rather than digging a story users could “Tara” it. Just dont watch Wildon Tara in Europe. Roadkill, and every episode appears exactly the same. Surrealism. Bye Bye Miss America Pie.. She is Now doing the Male Paris… Hollywood is so more interesting then Web 2.0… I was going to upload all my Pics on Riya and see if I could name every Hollywood starlet, but Tara is speaking louder and louder.. and im on OSX. Please make Tara happy, so I can be happy… I would like more stories on each page though, are you listening rojo ? let me browse the endless page….. and digg.. what about some pics… i know resizing etc is hard too…

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