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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » 10 Rules for a Hollywood StartUp

10 Rules for a Hollywood StartUp

nice doggies
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1. Get a Pink Razr like Paris until they are officially released, then ditch it for a Sidekick 3.
2. Ditch your film buddies from the Video Store like Quentin.
3. Never Visit San Francisco, and dont know what the Valley is, and vice versa.
4. If you are C or D List or sick of being in Paris’ shadow, be engaged, for a shorter time than Cisco, or better yet get an anullment like Brittney, Bridget Jones etc
5. Dont have any idea what an API is or what it is like not to be a VIP.
6. Get a non dog or cat pet, like a Monkey : dont chase the monkey like Eminem and blame it on prescription pills.
7. Hang out with people that record kinky sex and then blackmail you and are involved in murder cases you have to appear at.
8. Watch Terry Semel’s daughter on Reality TV. Horses are sexy see rule 6.
9. Make sure whatever money you make all your minders or mothering-one nighters take it all like Pdiddy, or get into a FBI case like MurderInc.
10. Never have a blog as its better for Awful Truth or Popbitch to break the story.

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