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Ben Barren - Confessions of a Mad Man » Yahoo to own RSS. ABC/NBC/Fox to own Podcasts

Yahoo to own RSS. ABC/NBC/Fox to own Podcasts

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As long as I can send emails thru Yahoo from my (new) company domain as gmail allows, once my beta invite arrives, ill be moving to Y-Oddpost vsoon (no more g-conversations please), for email that is !!! An RSS/MP3 allegory if you will - As I was mentioning to Kinger over coffee - after being impressed with the Lost Podcasts from the TV Show (great to hear the writers talk about character arcs and gossip - like how tough Sayeed is and who should die) - if TV shows such as Lost released the TV shows as MP3 files, audio only, they would become the number 1 podcast(s) overnight - If a TV network took this one step further and released audio only MP3 files of a spectrum of their top shows (eg top 5-10 shows say a day after on TV) the newly redesigned looking forward to a Podsafe XMAS Podshow would be a relatively smaller minnow in MP3 Podcasting Land (it would become 2nd anyway to the networks by downloads), ratingswise. It could well affect the perception of amateur vs professional podcasting, what is podcasting, is Adam Curry’s hair real, and will he install the GPS Map tracking on Christina he discussed today. Seriously tho, it could change podcasting dynamics, and ratings at a minimum.

I for one would download TV show audio only MP3 podcasts, no questions incl back catalogue. (my favourite tv shows such as lost, sixfeet under, numb8rs, medium, westwing etc have such good scripts (heck even cheaters would be worth 15meg download) Like theatre the spoken word would for me (while also being great for podcasters to mash up too) - be enough to rotate into my podcatcher and listen to - on my indestructible, non scratchable, goes with me everywhere 22 gram shuffle !) Sooooo, just as the TV networks may be the Dark Horse in ownership of podcasting, its father file format RSS has always been suited to incumbents like Yahoo enforcing their RSS consumer leadership when they decide to. Imagine if Outlook became web-based or if it became a free sychronized option, with Newsgator acquired as a way to beef up the offering….

Yahoo’s RSS everywhere strategy is symptomatic of why Newsgator has always had a very strong enterprise skew. Watch Hotmail and Gmail follow. Its why Brad Feld, minus his low hanging fruit investments such as JudysBook, likes buying business services companies, that have some entry points which traps SME’s, as services like feedburner and newsgator do well.

From the Great RSS Scott Gatzbury : “Hundreds of millions of users use Yahoo Mail, so if we want to reach the masses, we need to go where they are.”

I cant wait to use Y-email (please when is it released ??) but I wont use it for feeds, personally. Now about those podcast downloads… (start with your back catalogue in blog order that is - reverse chronological - and give me six feetunder final episode… thats the song they finished on btw, by Sia, luv it)

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